Yoga Spinner from Upside Down Games

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With the Yoga Spinner game, you can get your kids to do a few sun salutations with you. The game comes with 66 yoga pose cards, an instruction sheet, and a spinner with card storage. The youngest player starts the game by spinning the spinner and following the directions indicated on the square the spinner lands on. If you land on red, blue, or green, you take a red, blue, or green card and hold the yoga pose shown on the card for 10 seconds. If you land on white, you and a partner must work together to hold the yoga pose shown on the card for 10 seconds. If you hold the pose without falling down, you keep the card. The first player to collect a card in each color wins the game.

There are other squares on the spinner that change up the gameplay. The smiley face square lets you take a card from a player. The sad face square means you lose a card. The Om square means you can choose any color card, but the question mark means the other players get to choose a card for you.

Each of the yoga cards show the yoga pose and the name of the pose in English and Sanskrit. When the game is over, the cards can be stored inside the spinner. Yoga Spinner is for two to four players.


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