Why I Now Hate Game Theory

I used to love Game Theory, but after seeing the direction it has taken, I no longer can even stand watching it.

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48 thoughts on “Why I Now Hate Game Theory

  1. For that fnaf point
    If he makes a single video other than fnaf, his cancerous fans just say “gIvE uS fNaF”
    If he makes fnaf his fans say “mAkE vIdEoS tHaTs nOt fNaF”

  2. EveN thought matpat doesn’t responed to criticism well, I don’t think he is a bad person, as he donated thousendes of dollers to charity

  3. Saying he's a sellout is an opinion not a question
    He doesn't even respond to haters
    If he wanted to he could stretch out his videos way more
    And of course you need to watch further into a video than 4 minutes he needs to explain the basics so everyone's on the same page
    Not hating just saying.

  4. I disagree, but fully respect your opinion. However I do want to say… why would they send Pewds to meet the POPE. That is an infinitely worse idea than Mat-Pat.

  5. Okay listen, Matt is the nerd we all- most of us- or some- know and love. He makes nerdy jokes that a lot of people might not understand. He said it himself, the nerdiest channel on YouTube. He tries to make us understand the game. Also, he can take criticism. At least he’s mature about it and doesn’t take in all the bad comments,he ignores them like a CALM person would do. This is so unnecessary. He’s an adult, a very SMART one too. Please don’t-

  6. I understand you, and everyone has their own opinions, but I’m just gonna stick with fnaf and Game Theory for now. 🤙

  7. To all the dislikers, you're just proving his point by show what's your influence.

  8. i mean i dont blame him for doing a lot of fnaf theories, the people want to see them and if he wants to keep pulling in the views hes gotta do more. or hes just going insane about an animatronic bear

  9. People hated that MatPat met the pope because instead of giving an actual valuable gift he gave a copy of Undertale.

  10. I agree with you. GT was a great channel, and MatPat did a good job in keeping fans satisfactory. However as time went on, the content lost quality. It was hard even for me to watch a video for a whole 10 minutes without getting bored. I'm struggling to not hate it now.

  11. I think he is a good youtuber, but he needs to quit milking fnaf or reduce the fnaf content. Aside from that he is good in my books

  12. Alright lets be real here we shouldn't judge this guy for having a personal opinion that everyone disagrees with so pls stop hating and start appreciating other people's opinions

  13. "I don't look for the jokes, I want to see a theory"
    10 seconds later
    "They're digging to hard into the theories"

  14. I was into his fnaf theories until recently where it feels like every single theory is just "this changes everything we know about fnaf" like it was interesting a few years ago but now it's just tiring.

  15. But hey!! Now he’s really abt quality over quantity!! I respect your opinion but I still love enjoying his channel!

  16. Well his theory’s are just theory’s, not to be taken seriously, so I can see why he responded saying that it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

  17. Indeed i came to game theory for the fnaf theories, i congratulate you on having more than 'just a theory'

  18. Well, not sure whether my definition of criticism is incorrect, but I'm pretty sure calling someone a sellout is not criticism, just insulting someone.

  19. I'm pretty sure this is how civil wars start but he doesn't only do Fnaf. It's a very popular series on the channel because it's a very big fandom. Also when he puts comedy it just makes the video a little bit better. I respect you opinion though because all opinions are valid

  20. Let me just say, I love game theorists. They’re/his videos are amazing and I enjoy them very much. Although, I am very okay with someone giving constructive criticism towards the channel.
    There’s no reason to put this guy down for having an opinion. I respect his thinking and more people should be reasonable when listening to another one’s thinking and perspective on certain topics.

  21. “Now I don’t think matpat is a bad person” wait a minute looks at title “why I now hate game theory”

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