What I Learned after 10 Years of Making Games! (Unity)

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Here is What I learned after 10 Years of Making Games with Unity! Let me know what you think, if you have any questions or need help! Hopefully these tips are useful. =)

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48 thoughts on “What I Learned after 10 Years of Making Games! (Unity)

  1. Like if you need a session of Sykoology. I know, I'm funny like that!
    Join us on Discord and I'll buy your family one giant cookie: https://discord.gg/4kRCajN

  2. Where should I learn unreal engine from? So that I can get a good foundation of game development.
    I need some advice…

  3. 3:15 "Working from home is very appealing at first"
    Yeah, specially during a quarantine originated from a pandemic virus (that sounds familiar, i don't know why…. rsrs)

  4. I'm starting to develop games now! I'm making a 3d game and a few 2d games. I've been doing as much as I can and I'm really inspired! 😃

  5. Me thinking about making a game for years…

    Me starting and having trouble learning how to download the software 😓

  6. I started when I was 9. but I really didnt do anything because I forgot about it. but now im 10 and I work on it a lot more.

  7. Many developers lack social life and social interaction . They start a community and cant deal with people and banned

  8. am at my 30 and i'm computer graphic programmer and i do researches and yet i use google and still watch tutorials XD

  9. Wow thank you for making this video, I want to start kind of working on games and stuff like that, and I didn't want to get over myself so I started small well technically still working but you know, I've started on a small app for animation and making little games and I kind of felt bad that I was starting somewhere smaller than I probably should, then I realized if I don't start small I might get way too over myself and stop, and even if it's just a hobby it seems like it would be really fun to do something like this thankfully I'm already an artists I have some skill there, I like the style of 2D games but I want to do something 3D one day but I'm going to start 2D, because I think it'd be easier so thank you for making this video it gave me some advice that I probably would need, due the quarantine I'm very bored a lot so I hope I could actually start doing this as like a real hobby and not something small. So yeah thank you^^.

  10. I am 12 right now and when I had school,i had like no time to get on my computer and i have been interested in game developing for a long time
    and right now because of the quarantine I have lots of time to attempt to create a game.

  11. You Become more productive when u interact with others. Please never put yourself in loneliness, the pit of loneliness is really hard to get out from. I am really trying hard to get out of that pit, I have lost all my social skills, I can't even talk to children whenever they like goof near me around when they like want to play.

  12. I’m 12 now and in my opinion I want to have the same eyes to everything like you I want to create games but I am looking for the right softwares to use . Thanks for the inspiration man <3

  13. This is such an amazing video. Maybe just because of how much I can apply myself to all of this, so thank you for all the advice 🙂

  14. Man the working from home part hits home for me (no pun intended). As a freelance software developer working mostly from home: believe what he says, people.

  15. what sucks for me is i have giant ideas for games bigger than skyrim and the story and lore and gameplay mechanics all written down i just dont know where to start

  16. Fun Fact:The picture on the right side is from Escape From Tarkov

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