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A playthrough of THQ’s 1993 license-based platformer for the Super NES, Wayne’s World.

I find it difficult to fully understand all of the criticism of this game. It’s not particular good, but it’s hardly terrible… it’s more just… mediocre. It certainly succeeds in most ways that the NES version did not (maybe the developer difference? Gray Matter had a far better development track record than Radical, the NES game’s developer), and the mechanics, though a bit slippery and cumbersome, do work well enough.

The game makes a valiant attempt at channeling the spirit of the movie, but they really tend to overkill the digitized stills and sound clips. I mean, I get that making Mike Myers’ head 7X real-size makes it easier to recognize at this resolution, but it’s pretty hilariously absurd in practice.

If you really want to scar yourself, though, watch what happens at 20:18. All I can say there: if Freddie Mercury hadn’t died a couple years before this was released, he certainly would have wanted to after seeing what,they did to his master work. How did they even get the rights to attempt it?
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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24 thoughts on “Wayne's World (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. Excellent. NOT! No way. Way. Bogus. Party on. Shwing. It could happen. Extreme close up, WHOOOOOOAAA. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. If she were a president she'd be Baberham Lincoln. Its Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time, excellent.

  2. "I'm Wayne Campbell the excellent host who once had sex with a Cantonese rocker (who was really played by a Latina chick, but don't tell the viewer, okay?), though it was mostly off screen and this is Garth. Before we get our dicks out, welcome to the world of Wayne!"

  3. I get having Wayne and Garth sitting on the couch, relaying this "story" to the audience, but it'd be nice to have some stills that further help narrate things. It's almost like the developers couldn't afford more than that one shot of them on the Wayne's World set…and the Bohemian Rhapsody and Mustard scenes.

  4. I've heard of movie licence games but this game literally takes scenes from the movie it's based on and shows them to you. It's like they didn't have confidence in what they were trying to do and that's just really sad. And the whole time I'm thinking that looks like wayne's world but that's not wayne's world.

    It's like the studio went to grey matter and said hey put scenes from the movie in the game with no context and they said yeah sure. That's lame and I would Never bow to any sponsor. #RE7

  5. The person who recorded the attract mode couldn't even make the effort to play well. That's, like, a total bummer, man. It's way bogus. WAY bogus.

  6. This game was based on the original SNL skit of the same name that made cast members Dana Carvey and Mike Myers famous, notably for Myers playing Austin Powers and for providing the voice of Shrek!

  7. If you really couldn't get enough of Wayne and Garth's antics in the film, this certainly drives to string them along as much as possible. It's all reasonable fun, but dear God, what did they did to Bohemian Rhapsody?

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