AD | What better setting for a chef vs chef food challenge than Portland, Oregon? James and Ben go head to head around this incredible city to win ingredients to use in the upcoming ultimate battle.

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46 thoughts on “ULTIMATE CHEF vs CHEF GRILL BATTLE | Game Changers

  1. Yep, the US west coast is stunningly beautiful. You were lucky though – most of the time it's in cold fog, but then if the "september 2019" tag on this video is any hint, you probably filmed this in early September and that's by far the best time to visit. You may get away with visiting in February or March, but then you won't be wearing shorts, particularly not up in Oregon.

  2. Losing the ice cream and that feeling of loss that you must have felt that's what every three year old kid feels losing their ice cream congratulations as an adult you can remember this so when you have kids you will know how to comfort them.

  3. Also y'all in the UK need to learn how to pronounce the enya (the n with a ~ over it). It's halapenyo. >.>

  4. I'm glad you love our coast. I'm down in Long Beach, CA, but every mile is just fucking beautiful.

  5. The blackberry fighting gave me flashbacks to my childhood, fighting with my brother over the fresh berries after school.

  6. Can I just say, that pear Ben chopped did NOT look ripe AT ALL. It looked dry and stiff, the absolute worst state for a pear to be in.

  7. Oh, man! That's not the Columbia River in the intro! That's the little channel of the Willamette river around Sauvie Island. The Columbia is six times as large!

  8. lol not sure iv'e seen Ebber's with a tan before….. So the sun gets brownie points for color….. Love'n it.

  9. I grew up in Oregon and have been all over the world. There is no place that begins to compare to the views that you see in Oregon.

  10. Forget “(blank) hunters”
    I appreciate the souvenirs.
    “Got myself a souvenir!”
    Souvenir Hunters!

  11. Know I'm late, but I'm so glad you guys went to Oregon, and to it's coast. I've lived in Oregon all my life, and there are so many beautiful places to go and see and the Coast is definitely top 3. Love that you guys represented this beautiful place with some amazing homegrown/caught ingredients. Come back soon!

  12. As an Oregonian my vote is Ben's meal. It's the most Oregon culture-esque meal. James' is very European (although my Polish-German DNA really wants to try his dish).

  13. Tillamook ftw. Next time here start in Ashland and go north.
    *Catch OSF play
    * See Crater Lake
    * Rogue River Boat Excursion
    * Callahan's Lodge
    * ( Cubano Dog upgraded ) Medford's Victory Dogs Food truck, while in town getting treats from the only Harry & David's store.
    * Wild Rogue Pizza (try the root beer & craft beer)
    * visit wineries, craft breweries, and amazing orchards on the way to Eugene. (pears are a thing here)
    * you saw Tillamook, so try the Umpqua Cheese Factory
    * hit up one of the Voodoo Donuts locations
    * best of all time the trip to partake in one of the state's Pow Wows where they'll often have fresh salmon and the amazing "Indian Tacos" as well as be a wonderful cultural experience.

  14. James: I’m feeling a little bit nervous and unsure of myself, and that’s when I’m at my best

    Me-4th yr med student: LIFE GOALS! I’ve got the nervous and unsure parts down 😂

  15. My personal opinion that Ben should have won this. James heated up a sausage, made a sauce and meatballs. Ben made everything on the plate from scratch nothing was pre-made.

  16. Do a chef vs chef vegetarian indian battle or any indian cuisine like punjabi, maharashtrian, rajasthani etc

  17. I made the mistake of watching the before breakfast (so I was quite hungry) and everything looked so good I actually shed a tear. Lol

  18. I love these travel videos! I only wish you'd explore Europe a bit more. I think there are plenty of very original cuisines, and those are actually really close! I suggest my homeland – Czech Republic. Prague is pretty obvious and touristy, but for the real modern Czech cuisine, you should try Brno. Second biggest and focused of foodies rather than presenting tourist cliches. You would love it!

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