Trove's End Game : Episode 8 : Shadow Hunter @31.4k PR (Trove Xbox One)

Well this is probably the fastest I’ve done a Trove End Game video, pretty much edited everything within a day, anyways also 1 thing to note is that I’m being more myself in these video by making more jokes and dropping the random comments I do all the time

Anyways enjoy this Shadow Hunter End Game and also no hate on the class but I think it’s an average class.

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Enjoy the vid and I hope you learn something!

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Take care and keep on hunting! ~JN


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21 thoughts on “Trove's End Game : Episode 8 : Shadow Hunter @31.4k PR (Trove Xbox One)

  1. @ 10:00 I was proud of that on editing idk why
    @ 14:37 Heh-Soos! (I was laughing like an idiot while editing this)
    @ 16:55 The Ultimate Ability's multiplier (Absolutely bananas)

  2. good 6 months later but question. How it is possible to have the aura of returning his special attack on other characters ????

  3. in my opinion sh should have:for momentom his charge shot be charged all the time and pls make his ult work🙄 i love sh i have him 32,7k pr and 4,6k light

  4. Where does most of your hp come from? I have hp and hp% on face and hat, I also have 30k hp on a single gem, im sitting a 390k HP. You have over double my hp xD Is it literally just dragons?

  5. "Imagine playing with this lag all day" BRUH PS4 EU IS JUST UNPLAYABLE LIKE EVERYTIME I TRY JUMPING WITH A 60MIL SHURIKEN READY IT MAKES ME GO BELOW THE Floor like bruh #FixEuServersLag

  6. I don't really like the shadow hunter bc it's single target but it's fun to play bc he has a machine gun and his L1 one shots but he's not really as fast and my nn kills faster than shadow hunter most of the time.

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