Trove's End Game : Episode 6 : Lunar Lancer @31.2k PR (Trove Xbox One)

Happy Halloween! Here’s episode 6 on the Trove’s End Game, this time is the Lunar Lancer, it’s a pretty fun class but it definitely it’s not the best class out there.

Knight’s End Game video:

Feedback is greatly appreciated, Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Trove's End Game : Episode 6 : Lunar Lancer @31.2k PR (Trove Xbox One)

  1. So it’s bad? You were praising the class and destroying stuff in u10 with the other lunar lancer video

  2. Thank you for doing LL as per my suggestion ^_^ I understand the class isn't for everyone and it takes a certain person to put up with it, it has it's problems just like the knight does, maybe more of them, but atleast it's not like the choromancer XD Thank you very much!!!
    Edit: And I think we all can agree LL needs a bit of a rework reguarding his abilities, maybe make the crescent combo react to AS and make it to where the spear does more damage and the grappel lets you phase through walls to get to the spear, and maybe actually make the ultimate useful XD

  3. i wonder if fae will 1 or 2 shot enemies when its maxed. i have mine at about 29k but most of its gems are just ones i used to have on some other classes and replaced with better ones so its not exactly optimal. mine can 3 shot with a flask but i would be interested to see if it could 1 shot if i did it right.

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