Trove's End Game : Episode 5 : Dracolyte @31.2k PR (Trove Xbox One)

Here it is finally the 5th episode of Trove’s End Game , this time with the extremely powerful class known as Dracolyte, this class damage is ridiculous but survivability is not the best out there.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Trove's End Game : Episode 5 : Dracolyte @31.2k PR (Trove Xbox One)

  1. Just imagine draco have the damage and bufs for basic and the alt give the same bufs but doubles them

  2. you are playing it wrong, you use trailblazing, max ms gear, (and obviously vampirian if you have it but its only +20 ms). you use your ult on cooldown to get the move speed and not get killed by enemies when traveling, you use basic and spitfire to kill bosses, bombs to do skulls (just 2 bombs though). it will prove to be faster

  3. Before everyone goes crazy this is a Draco review on U10 grinding, not shadow towers we all know how OP Draco is on Sts and survivability isn't a big deal in ST but dungeon grinding is a different story.

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