Trove's End Game : Episode 3 : Neon Ninja @31.1k PR (Trove Xbox One)

So here it is the 3rd episode of the Trove’s End Game series , this time is a very popular class known as the Neon Ninja, in my opinion the best -END- game dungeon grinding class in Trove.

Important topics after stats, gems, gear and my initial thoughts :

1. My reason the neon ninja is not a good begginer class + flaws : 7:28

2. End game thoughts : 15:14

3. My reason I don’t use martial emblem on Neon Ninja : 17:47

4. A complete overview on the Neon Ninja : 19:00

Feedback is greatly appreciated, Enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “Trove's End Game : Episode 3 : Neon Ninja @31.1k PR (Trove Xbox One)

  1. Yeah it's fast but it's not very good for shadow towers, so if you want to be soloing any shadow towers you are probably gonna need another high level class that's better in shadow towers. For me the best class is Draco because it's basically a jack of all trades. It can do everything well but nothing the best (besides speed farming in fire worlds, then it's probably the best)

  2. i dont think 31k is really endgame i know midgame and endgame is more or less the same but 31k isnt really endgame for a class tbh

  3. Leave it in the comments below which class would you like to see in the next episode , even though I have a sneaking suspicion that'll end up being the Gunslinger, but who knows if I'll end up surprised.

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