Trove's End Game : Episode 11 : Gunslinger @34k PR (Trove Xbox One)

So here’s Episode 11 which is the ever so popular gunslinger, I don’t hate the class but I gotta be honest about it, the potential it’s there but the weaknesses are also there.

Speedrun build video:

Enjoy the vid and I hope you learn something!

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13 thoughts on “Trove's End Game : Episode 11 : Gunslinger @34k PR (Trove Xbox One)

  1. Couple of time stamps I'll leave here:

    @ 10:38 Trove Being Trove
    @ 17:57 How should the class gem work in my opinion to make it more effective in dungeons
    @ 20:20 The potential on the GS's class gem in dungeons
    @ 21:35 The problem with the GS for dungeons (long rant)
    @ 26:30 Into the Deep changes

  2. How do you have 265% Attack Speed? I've only got 202% and I don't know what I'm doing different to your build?

  3. Could you make a small video on your gunslinger build and show all of the gems and gear please.. I’m really having trouble getting mine up high

  4. ive got VG GS and BR all to 25k and so far BR is the one i find most fun so i use it for dungeon grinding and GS for ST/Levi and every now and than i use VG for dungeon grinding

  5. I just wanna ask is the dmg multiplier on knight r1 abilty the same with out class gems? And if not how much dmg multiplier is the non classgem knight r1 abilty?

  6. I love your Videos! Finally, I lfound your channel. My friend recommended this channel and after watching your videos, I have never looked back. Thank you <3

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