Top 10 free shooters you must play right now

In this video you’ll find a list of the very best free shooters you must play right now. Well, we say ‘right now’, but maybe give the video a quick watch first. We’ve included the likes of CS: GO, Quake Champions, Ironsight, Planetside 2, Warframe, Black Squad, Paladins, and more. Only the best free FPS games available to play in 2019 make the cut.

As you’re about to discover, not all shooting games cost money. They’re even removing the barrier to entry on games like Quake. You’ll still need to pay to play Call Of Duty, but there are plenty of free games like COD on this list. Most of the top PC shooters are free on Steam, which means you don’t have to search far and wide to start enjoying them immediately. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which free videogames you’re into!

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33 thoughts on “Top 10 free shooters you must play right now

  1. Thanks u so much for this game selections Valorant has been getting me down cause u cant play on servers In africa

  2. trying to find a game for me and my friend to play… is blacksquad for xbox? and if it is can i play pc against xbox?
    same question about iron sight

  3. you know that warframe isn't only shooter game but also ninja shooter space game with massive maps and lots of activities you dhunt and do lots of other activities to gather resources to build your weaps it's not about shooting it's about making decisions and friends

  4. This comment section:
    1% the original comments to the 90%
    9% normal comments
    90% "you know what else is free?

    should warframe really be called a shooter
    I used to play Ironsight. The game is great, but the community is awful.
    6:23 Hell yeah warframe got on the list
    most of these are either dead or something you've already heard of

    Is it just me or does that girl sound like tracer?

  5. when destiny 2 became free i was actually pissed, cause i worked my ass off getting to like 630 power, and then literally when i check in a few days later im 750. like, there goes 3-5 days of grinding.(i was like power 500 and i also played many different games at the time and still do)

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