Top 10 Atari 2600 Games

The Atari 2600 released in 1977 had some amazing games released for it including M’s Pacman, Joust, Defender, and many more Why not share your Atari 2600 Memories or favourite games in the comments section below. Also please like and subscribe as there’s plenty more Gaming countdown videos on the way.

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Atari 2600 Games

  1. Here's my list, based upon how much I enjoyed the games and how often I'd play them. Something most younger people don't realize is that in the late 70's and early 80's, no one called it the 2600…it was just Atari. Just like a few years later no one said NES, it was just Nintendo.

    Enough rambling (get off of my lawn!), here's my top 10:

    10. Circus Atari
    9. Space Invaders
    8. Demon Attack
    7. H.E.R.O.
    6. River Raid
    5. Stargate
    4. Pitfall!
    3. StarMaster
    2. Yar's Revenge
    And…drum roll please…
    #1. Adventure – One my favorite albums is Queen The Game released in 1980 featuring….you guessed it, Dragon Attack. It was a perfect blend of music and technology.

    Now, go read a book!😃

  2. Good list but I disagree with Yar's Revenge being honorable mention. That's my favorite 2600 game ever. I can see Pitfall being #1 depending on someone's preference but Yar's Revenge was amazing.

  3. Adventure, Chopper Command, The Empire Strikes Back, Superman. Warlords was a competitive game for four players, played with the paddle controllers. Great fun when friends were over and the players would start to get mad and try to take revenge on the opponent who had knocked them out of the previous game.

  4. 1st time i played RIVER RAID in 1981 , i was 11 yeras old , today i am 50 yerars old still playing the same game using I PHONE .. ha ha ha ha !!

  5. You must be doing drugs, or you have never played the real arcade games to state that these are excellent ports of them. They’re akin to making a Ferrari with 500 LEGO pieces and declaring them the same.

  6. Very nice.. Listen this..

  7. لا انسى دالك اليوم الذي اشترا فيه والدي هده اللعبة كنت فرحا جدا

  8. Great list. I still play most of those games. I would have thought if Combat made the top 10, Yars Revenge would be there as well (not as an honorable mention) given it was arguably the greatest game produced by Atari. My personal favorites growing up were also Superman and Megamania.

  9. Thanks to you, 1:30 I have to search the entire video again to see how the game ends. Another shitty video, nice job.

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