Beneath the water lies a realm of nightmares. This adventure game is one of the creepiest and most interesting games I’ve played in a long time. Get ready to explore what’s beneath the surface…
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23 thoughts on “They Breathe: TERRORS IN THE DEEP

  1. I think those things were plants.

    They produce oxygen, and because they produce oxygen underwater their weak plant body explodes.

  2. i wonder what happens if you manage to save every frog that is save-able, like.. That would be a lot of frogs up at the surface

  3. what I think is happening is that these creatures live underwater and do not require oxygen to survive, but they also need some kind of sustenance, so they eat the frogs to give themselves nutrients, but when they assimilate the frogs they are introduced to something they didn't need before. the ability to breathe, and so they needed more frogs to produce oxygen so they could survive.

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