The Sandberg Game | The Signature Game of Hall-of-Famer Ryne Sandberg's Career

A Cubs-Cardinals matchup is always electric, but the meeting between the rival teams on June 23, 1984, was truly special. It was a beautiful Saturday at Wrigley Field and the game was broadcast nationally as the Game of the Week. The Cubs rallied from behind led by Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg. Sandberg went 5-for-6 with two late-inning home runs off of Cardinals closer Bruce Sutter and seven RBI to propel the Cubs to a dramatic 11-inning 12-11 victory over the Cardinals. It became the cornerstone of Sandberg’s MVP season and it let the baseball world know the Cubs were for real as they battled back to the postseason for the first time since 1945 that year. Relive the remarkable day that put the Cubs beloved Hall of Famer on the map in Cubs Productions’ documentary, “The Sandberg Game,” presented by Budweiser.

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39 thoughts on “The Sandberg Game | The Signature Game of Hall-of-Famer Ryne Sandberg's Career

  1. Great video. I totally forgot that the "penguin", Ron Cey, spent a few years in Chicago after his long run at 3rd base with the Dodgers.

  2. Im an O's fan ..but i bought a Cub's hat because i was i played 2nd in babe ruth league and Sandberg was my idol

  3. Whoever produced this video deserves an award of some kind. How fortunate that this game took place in 1984, when the importance of saving recordings had begun to be recognized. (If this game had happened in 1974, the tapes would have been erased the next day.) All the little side stories are brought in at exactly the right moments – the Cardinals starter who had 2 career starts and 44 innings total. I had forgotten that Sutter started out as a Cub. Mixing the TV and radio calls so expertly. And then you have Sandberg answering his grandson's questions, like pointing to a random fan in the stands and asking "Why is he so happy?"

    The only thing overlooked was that "God's umpire", Doug Harvey, worked the plate. Nobody mentioned that, which is probably how he would have wanted it.

  4. 27:27 Cub fans are notorious for interfering with their own players, when an easy out can be caught, but they will sway far away when an opposing fielder can punchout a cub hitter. I have seen this since the 1970's and it irks me, the lust for a stupid souvenir, and the needless fear of an opposing outfielder. It's predictable. Watch for it.

  5. Fantastic production! Lifelong Cubs fan from Michigan! Growing up in the 80's I always watched my Cubbies on WGN 9 on cable.

  6. I remember watching this game in New York as a Cub fan. My father always promised me that if the Cubs ever made the playoffs, we would fly to Chicago for a game. Somehow he got tickets for game 1 of the 1984 playoffs, which the Cubs won by like 10 runs. Now living in Chicago, my folks flew out here for game 7 in 2016. We didn't go to the game, obviously, but we watched it together with my kids. Just doesn't get better than these moments.

  7. Costas said he couldn't think of another regular season game with a "title." But there was another one less than a year earlier. The Pine Tar Game.

  8. Fans hated bob costas.cub fans especially.shouldve been hometown harry caray announcing.didnt ever need these strikes announcing our damn games.

  9. What happened to Bruce Sutter during this game is so similar to what happened to Craig Kimbral against the Cardinals last year.

  10. Both of those pitches that Sandberg hit out were mistake pitches. Sutter obviously did not have the feel for his splitter that day as both were extremely up in the zone and not breaking down at all. Good pitching always beats good hitting and those pitches were terrible. Another funny thing is that Mcgee can hit for the cycle and it's called the Sandberg game. The winner always gets to write the history of what happened!

  11. Ryno We All Going Bananas Holy Cow Cubs Win Watching This Game with Great Emotions Thank You For Giving Us So Much Joy And Representing Us In Such A Major Way MVP ….Go Cubbies!

  12. My parents watched him when he was at AAA OKC in '81, and were at a game the night I was born. So, naturally, when he was traded to the Cubs, we followed him there. He was my baseball idol growing up, and I have been a Cubs fan ever since then.

  13. My high school coach played with Ryne and his brother when he was in high school in Spokane. He said Ryne wasn’t even the best player on his team…his brother looked to be the better player. Pretty crazy how it turned out for him…loved watching him and Grace play together for several years in Chicago.

  14. 6:20 – It looked like Whitey Herzog and Jim Frey were yelling at each other the same way Dusty Baker and Tony Larussa were in 2003.

  15. A lifetime 285 batting average and 282 home runs. Certainly good, but no where near HOF stats. Only in by Chicago standards.

  16. I was an 8 year old Cardinal fan watching this game. It was such a fantastic game, and one of the few regular season games I remember from the 80's. Sandberg was incredible that day. The Cardinals played really well, but could just not get him out to save their lives.

  17. Ryne Sandberg is one of my favorite baseball player and 2nd base is my favorite position.
    I played second base in Gering Organization Baseball in 1996 through 1998.

  18. Greatest second baseman of all time. Still not sure how Tommy Herr got more votes than him for the all star game in 85.

  19. Peace,
    I went to grammar school about 9-11 blocks from Wrigley Field but being from the South Side I had split loyalties and caught grief from all my guys. My Grandfather loved to watch the Cubs on TV and listen to the ChiSox on radio. The Saturday we watched this game was unbelievable, just my Grandfather and me watching the game on Channel 5 on a Saturday afternoon and Ryno lit the baseball world on fire. Great memories and a great time in life.

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