Temple Run Volcano Island In Real Life

The Golden Idol gets stolen from its secret location and the action follows!
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This video was a collaboration with Imangi Studios. Huge thanks to Imangi for the amazing opportunity!

Director/VFX- Raghav
Actors: Raghav, Brittany Watson, Walter Devins, Josh Good, Mark Smith, Jovanda Hunt, Riley Ribatto and Bryan Walker.

1. Apprehensive at Best- Biz Baz Studio
2. Derelict Ship (Machinimasound.com) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (
3. Temple Run Soundtrack

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38 thoughts on “Temple Run Volcano Island In Real Life

  1. Not gonna our probably should of put that thing in a cage underground 60 ft underwater on another planet in another universe

  2. Editing bug where they have a drone shot from slab over the shadows all lean left but the monsters is straight up and down

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