Steve Kerr on when Michael Jordan told him he'd take last shot of 1997 NBA Finals | The Jump

Steve Kerr joins Rachel Nichols and Scottie Pippen on The Jump to play “What Were You Thinking?”, about the time he led a big comeback for the Chicago Bulls vs the Dallas Mavericks while Pippen and Michael Jordan was on the bench (a game Kerr couldn’t even remember), as well as when Jordan told Kerr he’d have to take the last shot of Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals vs the Utah Jazz.

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48 thoughts on “Steve Kerr on when Michael Jordan told him he'd take last shot of 1997 NBA Finals | The Jump

  1. The difference between MJ and 3-6Mafia is that MJ created the play. There is no luck involved. He had high IQ and knew what he wanted to do and do it. He got the ball where he wanted it to go with intent. 3-6Mafia needed a Bosh rebound and Jesus miracle 3 that he had no hand in creating/designing.

  2. Kerr has so much BB knowledge, he has learned well from the HOF coaches he's played for. Lute Olsen, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. 🏀

  3. Steve kerr was under appreciated, but he was always there to capitalize on jordan getting double teamed. Kerr was a small dude but a great shot, especially when wide open.

  4. Except he didn't actually take the last shot of the 97 finals. Toni Kucoc did, off an inbound steal and assist from Pippen.

  5. ESPN cut so much quality talent, now they got to cut no talent Rachel Nichols. Let her go back to working at Hooters. ESPN has not been this low rung since….ever.

  6. Mfs that ain't buying my steve Kerr in the auction house on nba2k20 must not know how legendary this man truly is

  7. Jordan has given up his shot for others to shine that is a leader, He made them strong for a reason He made his teammates strong to win championships and be leaders themselves look at Steve Kerr as one example

  8. I like his class…he clearly remembers that epic game he had and how he carried his team when called upon…though he says he has no memory of this game.

  9. Kerr and paxon the real clutch heroes of bulls. Overrated jordan, highlight reel keeps repeating his 2 clutch shots for lack of other highlights. Its either the cleveland shot or russel shot.

  10. MJ looks completely gangsta and B O S S when he tells Kerr to be ready. After MJ punched him in 96, and Kerr stuck up, MJ knew he had a real WARRIOR in the mold of Paxon to make that shot.

  11. This woman is so iritant…laughing all the time and never stop talking…man… was a relief when video ended…..

  12. i dont know if its instinct or not….mj used his foot to tripped stockton thats why kerr had a wide open shot…and in 98 finals mj used his hand for a little push thats why hes so wide open when he made the last shot…thats why hes the 🐐.

  13. Jordan punched him..kerr became a man..jordan entrusted the last shot to steve and he nailed it won a ring..whole lebron blames everyone enough said

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