SteelSeries Rival 100 Review (by veteran FPS player)

Update: The Rival 110 has a much better sensor… I’d recommend getting that instead of the 100. Full Review of the Rival 110 here:

I’ve been playing Quake for over 17 years so I have a fair bit of experience with gaming mice. Even though I’ve only had this for one day, I think I’ve covered most things about it.

I’ll do some comparison reviews soon to cover anything I’ve missed, so stay tuned by subscribing!

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24 thoughts on “SteelSeries Rival 100 Review (by veteran FPS player)

  1. Update: The Rival 110 has a much better sensor… I'd recommend getting that instead of the 100. Full Review of the Rival 110 here:

  2. I've had this mouse for about 2 years now with over 100k clicks through it and it's still holding up! the rubber coat started falling off in the palm area but besides that it is still good, for the price i paid for it i have been very happy with it 🙂

  3. Rival 110 (the one I have at time of writing) does indeed made this devilkin moot. Too bad SS skimped on the surface and color choices (this thing has rubber surface and has like 10+ color choices compared to 110's measely 3 and matte surface). Clicks are not great but still very decent on both as they have same SS clicks as Rival 300.

  4. it's only a clicking mouse for christ sake. learn to appreciate what you have! and save your money for your love ones

  5. Hey rocket jump ninja i am ur one of the subscriber and waiting for your response which is good mouse g402 or rival 110?? Plssss choose one for me i am so confused.

  6. This mouse has bad sensor, when you swipe it alot to the sides your cursor goes down (shouldnt be happening).

  7. You kept saying it's "not great" but you didn't say a single thing that you didn't like about the mouse except the noise from the feet and the scroll wheel. What exactly is the difference between this "good" mouse and a "great" mouse? If you can't actually pinpoint a specific thing that's wrong with it then it kind of makes it sound like you're just saying it isn't as good because it isn't as expensive.

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