SNES Longplay – Spawn: The Video Game (Acclaim, 1995)

SNES Longplay – Spawn: The Video Game [US] Longplay / Playthrough
1:48 New York ~ 4:04 Overkill ~ 9:22 Redeemer ~ 13:06 Cutscene ~ 15:44 Bedlam ~ 17:42 Violator

The Darklands
19:57 Level 1: The Burning Circle ~ 22:02 Boss
22:40 Level 2: Eden’s Reflection ~ 25:27 Boss
26:34 Level 3: Gothic Torture ~ 31:40 Boss
32:27 Level 4: The Belly of the Beast ~ 34:56 Boss
36:54 Level 5: The Eternal Battlefield ~ 43:42 Boss
45:44 Level 6: The Battle in Malebolge ~ 48:02 Cutscene
48:36 Mad One ~ 52:08 Cutscene

The Finale
53:44 New York & Cutscene
54:32 Final Boss ~ 58:15 Finale ~ 59:56 Credits

Yes, the Redeemer almost made me throw the keyboard lol

For a full list of Spawn’s special moves see Shiryu’s guide at gamefaqs


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32 thoughts on “SNES Longplay – Spawn: The Video Game (Acclaim, 1995)

  1. This game was useless without the instruction manual: There's so many moves and abilities that Spawn has that can't be used unless you know, and can perform them, including Healing, and nearly all of them are impossible to work out just by random button pressing.

  2. Надо было сделать стиль боёв, как в Street of Rage. Было бы зрелищней на мой взгляд. А так получилось в стиле Batman:Forever – хорошая графика для приставки и скучные бои с противниками.

  3. I think everyone who has uploaded a play through of this game has always showed the spectacular programming fail at the beginning 1:49

  4. To the people that didn't understand the ending: when Spawn defeated the New Breed, he used almost all ectoplasm (in the story), and for him, ectoplasm is like "life force": if goes to 0:0:0:0, Spawn dies for real, no more being a pawn for Malebolgia. Seeing that – and to get revenge in to lose the inocence of the children – the demon lord refilled all the ectoplasm energy , destroying his hopes in achieve redention and rest in peace.

  5. 47:34,oh shit. Not Rocky and Rocko from Bayou Billy on the NES. I guess this is where they ended up after Billy/Dundee took them out after dealing with Gordon and rescuing Anabelle in the process.

  6. I wish there was a new Spawn game coming out similar to Arkham Knight, very dark and action packed.Thanks for the memories! I remember renting this as a kid when blockbuster still had a pulse.

  7. Silly question cuz I've watched a couple of these although there an hour-long I skipped through them to see if anyone is and you're the only one who was but why does nobody use spawns magic in this game but you have blast and wave beams and shields you can summon you only healed yourself once or twice I don't get it

  8. Wow.
    The animations look gorgeous, the music is really good… This deserves more difusion! I mean, yes, the SFX and music sound kinda low quality, but they're still really good!

  9. because is so good, the plot of this game would have been, a excellent saga in the comic, within the canon, with exception the ''sacrifice'' of kincaid, the latter in certain form have his own saga in the comic, the issue called the exterminator, is one of these chapters.

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