SNES Longplay [551] Waynes World

Played by: TheVandal172

From Wiki:

Wayne’s World is an action video game based on the film Wayne’s World and released in 1993 by THQ. Different versions of the game were released; the NES and Game Boy games were developed by Radical Entertainment and feature both protagonists Wayne and Garth as playable characters. The Super NES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games were developed by Gray Matter and feature only Wayne as a playable character.

In the NES and Game Boy games, the player controls both Wayne and Garth in different levels; however, the Super NES version had only Wayne as a playable character. In the former, Garth’s main attack is a laser gun and Wayne has a kick. In the Super NES version, Wayne uses his guitar as a weapon.

Computer Gaming World stated in 1993 that the PC version of “Wayne’s World is, like, fun, man”. The magazine recommended the game to those new to adventures, who would enjoy a “rather typical” game with “good humor, unexpected twists, and an odd setting”. Describing it as “bogus”, a later review in the magazine advised against Wayne’s World as an introductory adventure game for children.

An adventure game based on the film was released for personal computers by Capstone. Argonaut was also developing a version for the unreleased Super NES CD-ROM upgrade. Nothing is known of the gameplay, just that Argonaut planned to include footage from the movie and “a lot of heavy metal music”.


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34 thoughts on “SNES Longplay [551] Waynes World

  1. They tried their best, they really did. It was pretty creative to use twisted versions of the actual Wayne's World locales as levels. Unfortunately, the controls were pretty lame, and Wayne's gameplay dialogue did get really repetitive.

    The cutscenes were hit-and-miss. There was some great humor mixed in, and a lot of the classic Wayne lines were there (albeit sanitized), but most of the movie clips were lousy. Replacing the T-1000 with Garth ruins the entire joke; they should have just went with a different scene.

  2. The thing that the NES and SNES game share is that they are both one of the worst games you can find those systems

  3. There is a sega genesis version of Wayne’s world, but I’d say I like the Super Nintendo version of Wayne’s world which means I hate to play the sega genesis version of Wayne’s world.

  4. If ringtones could have videos associated with them, I'd 100% clip the two frame Bohemian Rhapsody and put it on every phone I could.

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