Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – MASSIVE upgrade & release date confirmed!?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – MASSIVE upgrade & release date confirmed!?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest highly anticipated smartwatch, find out now what you can expect – The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and all its latest news here including one big upgrade & the release date.

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24 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – MASSIVE upgrade & release date confirmed!?

  1. Omg I was about to order the active wear 2 stainless steel but this looks very beautiful too. What should I do 😳

  2. Forget about the ecg, depends on approval of each country's authorities. It's the same watch with a little better specs and more steel. Sadly, for now there's nothing we can do. I prefer spending less on an active 2 and just use good old mechanical watches for everyday usage or gshocks for exercising

  3. Hi! I was thinking about looking into getting a smart watch. All I know is I want a Samsung Watch & I know that there are multiple, what's the differences?? Should I wait for this one…?

  4. you can’t believe samsung anymore when you say something you’ll have on the device again… no credibility… when you launched the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 it was easy to say that you’ll have this and that .. outside sanssung I don’t believe in yours anymore advertisements .. for me nobody bought anything else ..

  5. Hey, I think you guys are great! and the video is informative as usual. I do have one comment, maybe its a typo? but I think its a Tizen OS as opposed to Titen OS as stated in the Graphic.

  6. Visually stunning especially when paired with steel straps BUT never again will I buy a galaxy watch. I had the Apple Watch series 4 (which I loved) but had to sell it because I upgraded to an Android phone (big mistake) so I decided to buy the active 2. The touch bezel was fiddly/laggy, bixby was unreliable, HRM would have random spikes during workouts, no dedicated interval timer, big inaccuracies with calories burned during workouts and with the map and distance traveled during running, 3rd party workout apps not integrated properly, notifications would come through late (if at all), connectivity issues with Bluetooth, the list goes on… I’ve recently sold my android phone and active 2 watch and gone back to Apple. Now waiting for the series 6 to be released.

  7. I've held off on getting the Galaxy Active 2 because I figured a new release would come out and August is my bday..I was going to treat myself to a watch. So it will depend on what the new one has to offer as far as upgrades. Better heart rate, sleep tracking, fall detection added, blood pressure monitor working, longer battery life? Those will make my decision. I really liked the non bezel look but if the 3 is significantly better then that will be my choice. I've never had a watch like this and I don't buy new gadgets every year, so my choice must be made with long term in mind.

  8. Thank you for making these videos, yours has the most information and explained so a non techy can understand 🤗

  9. I am late guys sorry, awesome video 🙂 As for the Galaxy Watch 3 there are some nice choices coming our way. Not long now before the release date.

  10. I am so into this titanium version ,looks pretty sick. Awesome video. I hope price wise it will not go the recent Samsung trend, more expensive to match apple pricing.

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