Ryne Sandberg & Javy Báez Discuss Swing Mechanics, Toughest Pitchers | The Relay

Cubs Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg and current shortstop Javy Báez share their perspectives on various aspects of the game. From their approach at the plate and swing mechanics, the toughest pitchers to face, what it’s like to play at Wrigley Field and more, enjoy their discussion in this episode of The Relay presented by Wintrust.

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35 thoughts on “Ryne Sandberg & Javy Báez Discuss Swing Mechanics, Toughest Pitchers | The Relay

  1. What a Combo!!! The Ryno and El Mago!!!
    As a Puerto Rican i'm very proud to read all the admiration Javy gets in these comments.
    Gracias amigos!
    Me , on a pesonal side, have so much respect and admiration towards The Great Ryno! One of baseballs all time greats ,not only as a 2B, but as an all around player. I really mean this.
    In PR cable we saw WGN games all the time. Remember coming home from school and catching a Cubs game at 3:30pm on school days. Great memories those days , watching the Hawk, Mark Grace, Jodi Davis, Leon The Bull Durham, Lee Smith and many more.
    Great Job Ryno. I'll stay tuned in for more interviews.

  2. Interesting. I believe Marquee should do more of this, educating the young, between innings, and on their network. MLB should get rid of the DH. Quit messing with the game. Embrace the complexities of the game, and quit worrying about 3 to 4 AB's to the pitcher.

  3. Javier Baez deserves a Blank Check, he deserves more than $250 eassyy! I wish the Cubs let go Bryant, sign Lindor , keep Castellanos, and Rizzo, find the way to bring Eddie Rosario, Edwin Diaz!! It will be the Team to beat for the next decade until 2030" between 5-8 WS championship for sure with this Squad!

  4. Ryno was my favorite cub of all time … then EL MAGO came in and did something ryno couldn’t never do. Show up when it mattered!

    World Champion over ryno anyday now 😉

  5. Javy is fantastic at beating the shift! A guy who pulled the ball hard early on, now hitting to all fields, good luck shifting to stop him!

  6. Wish every team would do this. Get a legend and pair them up with a current star and talk hitting or pitching. Bet I'd watch every team's (especially these days).

    Although… I guess it's good there isn't any. I can't watch the Cubs anymore anyway.

  8. I’ve met Ryne Sandberg and he is a great guy. These are two of my favorite players ever and they would make an amazing middle infield

  9. I love Javy, but Javy seemed like he didn’t know much about Ryno. Seemed like the compliments only flowed one way. Come on, Javy. Shouldn’t be hard to toss a compliment to a Hall of Famer. Just one.

  10. It's too bad Sandberg will no nothing for the high school he graduated from. Most players will help one way or another yet he wont even be bothered to answer any letters. Also you should be focusing on hitting just under center, not on top

  11. Best thing about this video is two dudes who are from two completely different eras and cultures share a common passion and approach. Their approaches and thought processes may have been different but their love for the game never diminished. When you're good enough to play a kids game at this high of a level your love starts to fade because of the pressure. Its just two dudes who love the game and love trying to master it. It translates to everyday people. Find a passion. Love it. Work on your craft. But Baez and Sandberg getting 2 with gold gloves taking over the middle infield would've been badass.

  12. Loving this. Would love to see more. Grace and Rizzo. Dawson and Heyward. Maddux and Hendricks. Fergie and Yu.

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