Rolling (PS2 Gameplay)

Rolling (PS2) – Skater: Jon Julio – Level: NorCal School

Rolling is an athletic, fast and exciting entry into the world of aggressive inline skating and incorporates 18 of the world’s best skaters, including Jon Julio, Cesar Mora, and Fabiola da Silva, across two of the most popular disciplines: street and vert. With stunning environments and realistic motion-captured physics, the player will be able to perform death-defying jumps and aerobatics in a host of realistic settings, including accurate recreations of the most popular skate-parks from the USA, Europe, and Japan. You can also choose from thousands of individual items supplied by world’s leading inline skating clothing, boot, wheel, and frame brands. Rolling also features exclusive video footage from world’s leading rollerblading videographers Drew Bachrach and Dave Paine along with a soundtrack provided by leading international musicians and bands.


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  1. Am I the only one who didn't know about the secret characters?!? I must have played this games for hundreds of hours too.

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