Real Chef Plays Cooking Simulator

“Nobody wants dry salmon!!!”



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46 thoughts on “Real Chef Plays Cooking Simulator

  1. so im a professional chef? i always get 5 stars, well i guess, bye guys, next time you see me, i'll be with Gordon Ramsay

  2. This game isn't hard, same with every Simulator kind of game. YouTubers make it look hard for entertainment purposes, obviously.

  3. I think that we might have one that is ok also its pretty funny how they made him describe his job as a professional chef

  4. Me seeing this game for the first time in this video: OH that seems like a really nice game!
    Comments: Oh LORD he is a GOD at that game! hOW?!?!!!1!?!?!1!?

  5. The biggest issue with this game is I can't manage to make my plates look pretty without literally spending ages with the janky controls trying to place it perfectly. I get 5 stars on my dishes but they look like a toddler made them 😀 just let me make my plates pretty and make slicing and pouring easier. It's a fun game I just like to have a tidy kitchen experience 😛

  6. I think he actually UNDERcooked the salmon. He turned off the heat under the pan to flip the salmon over but he never turned it back on. This means that one side of the salmon was cooked and the other side was raw. Yikes, Ted XD

  7. him: i mean i think i did pretty good, its not bad i mean…
    me watching gordon ramsay eating restaurant foods: thats what they all say…

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