Phys Ed Tutorial: Large Group Activities

We were blown away by the international response to our previous Phys Ed Tutorial videos – so we decided to make some more! We’re happy and honoured that so many people were able to make use of the activities we shared.

As part of our Enduring Priority to foster a Culture of Wellness in our Division, we are continuing to develop video resources designed to assist schools who may not have a Phys Ed specialist on staff. There are some great examples of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) happening all over Parkland School Division. Here’s the latest from teachers Mark Bradshaw, Will Chan and Nathan McLachlan from Woodhaven Middle School in Spruce Grove. Special thanks to last year’s Grade 7, 8 and 9 students at Woodhaven School for their participation in this demonstration.


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14 thoughts on “Phys Ed Tutorial: Large Group Activities

  1. in the last game. is there any time limit to end the game? coz it seems like the offensive player will eventually get the bag to the destination, right?

  2. This is really great exercise!!!
    They are having some training there.
    It seems great as well.

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  4. I'm making a career change to become a psych ed specialist. Currently in my first year of college and I'm loving it! These vids help me allot with ideas for my teachings. Thx so much! Greetings from Holland!

  5. Something you may wish to try for enhancing the Snake Pit game.. (a great resource in itself!) has a dice template with numbers on a set and exercise pictures on the other.

  6. Cheers team for sharing your practice and helping others with ideas we can use. I like the variation of the games such as Yoshi and Drag the bag! Loads of fun, high engagement, team work, communication, problem solving, all that good stuff that happens during a PE session!

  7. Omg I wish my 5th-7th grade pe was this much fun. We did the same thing every week except if it rained we played volleyball everyday it rained. It was boring as hell. I move to a new county and they had a ton of new stuff to do in pe

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