NEW 2019! Horse Racing Manager 2 Harness Mode | Horse Racing Games Rival Stars

I Discuss The Main Reason I No Longer Play Horse Racing Manager 2! Harness Mode | Horse Racing Games Rival Stars

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Rival Stars Horse Racing Game iPhone & Android 2019 GAMEPLAY Horse Racing Manager Phar Lap Challenge

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8 thoughts on “NEW 2019! Horse Racing Manager 2 Harness Mode | Horse Racing Games Rival Stars

  1. It's the driving. Get upfront in 2nd place at the beginning. Run a slow pace. Around the corners, bump out half a lane to block. The other horses exert themselves trying to get around. Also if they run the same speed, around the corners they drop back because they are running a farther distance.

  2. Hi I had the original and when you press the up arrow accelerate it step by step while in the version crack (which I also) when you press forward you go straight down! So I do not play because of it because it makes you lose endurance

  3. I played the original HRM all the time as a kid. I remember always being annoyed by the injury system. Horses would get injured so often and randomly even just resting in the stall.

  4. How do you get gallop racer 2004 to work on oc I really want to play it on my pc,I have ot for ps2 but dont want to play it on there

  5. Please try and find a way,I'll brought the game years ago,but it so hard.and would buy it again of you could fix it some how

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