My Salmon Pink BIRD EATER ~ 8 YEARS old / 8 INCHES big !!! [BONUS VIDEO]

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As requested by someone on RuneScape, today’s BONUS VIDEO will be of my 3 Lasiodora parahybana (Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater). Yes, my largest one is about 8 years old now. I got her from a friend 3+ years ago when she was already 5-6 years old at the time. If fed on a normal (not power-fed) schedule, you can expect yours to reach 7-8 inches in that span of years.

** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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35 thoughts on “My Salmon Pink BIRD EATER ~ 8 YEARS old / 8 INCHES big !!! [BONUS VIDEO]

  1. 1:07
    people when they see a roach: oonga boonga is this

    Exotics lair when he sees a roach: snatch YEET

  2. 0:12 the magical talking hands are connected to a man with black eyes that are surrounded by black and no mouth!

  3. Exotic; * throws roach AGGRESSIVELY*
    Tarantula; * spooked*
    Exotic; Awwww it's scarded
    Me; well you see what had happen was

  4. I have a salmon pink birdeater too. I bought it cause i thought it will look pink lmao im so stupid 😂😂😂

  5. I ordered from a bad reputation place online
    My fault should have checked reviews before buying
    Fingers crossed my T’s make it to me okay
    You’re the reason why I bought them.
    Love your channel and love how over the years you have stayed true to you

  6. im amazed and horrified at the fact that he was able to pick up the roach with his bare hands, yesterday i saw a tiny bug and i litterally had to use 2 toothpicks to pick it up 'cuz i was so scared. in conclusion, he got nerve

  7. Once my friend throw a dead roach at me ( he thought I'm not afraid of them ) I straight went home and took a 3 hours shower and got rid of the clothes I was wearing
    And I didn't talk with him for like 3 months

  8. I watch these videos to overcome my phobia of arachnids, actually makes me want to adopt a tarantula

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