Mortal Kombat 11 – Spawn Exclusive Arcade Gameplay And Ending! 1080p HD

Hey guys!

Welcome to another Mortal Kombat video!
Now today courtesy of the amazing team down at Warner bros UK!
I was given the incredible opportunity to go to their London head quarters and capture some new and exclusive gameplay of the iconic anti hero of the 90s, Spawn!

I hope you all enjoy this as I am a massive fan of the 90’s era of comics and I’ve always admired spawn, I never really knew about the character up until my early teens and just feel In love with what hes all about!
This was a custom variation I put together as I wanted to create a variation that had some visually flair with the charge as well as his midscreen command grab!
I do apologies for the somewhat basic level gameplay but I had limited time with this build so I couldn’t go indepth with spawn too much but non the less i hope you enjoy it!

Any who I hope you come away enjoying this arcade run as well as the cinematic ending with all of the fantastic references included, I have much much much more on the way so please do keep and eye out!

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26 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11 – Spawn Exclusive Arcade Gameplay And Ending! 1080p HD

  1. I was disappointed with the outfits but the brutalities and the fatalities are amazing like shit I am in awe of some of these.

  2. The one ending in this game where I actually want it to continue on.
    Still upset Ash wasn't the final DLC guest characters. Trade him over shitty joker

  3. My only gripe is during fatal blows the collar of Spawn's cape disappears, it's just a minor concern other than that Spawn looks amazing.

  4. 10:53 "It would’ve costed a lot of power, fighting them alone"

    You’re telling me, that the guy who fought the forces of Heaven and Hell..The guy who defeated both God and Satan..The guy who was so powerful, that Heaven & Hell joined forces to stop him..Cannot fight the NetherRealm alone? You’re kidding, right? Spawn’s hell is far more powerful than that.

    Regardless, this ending was good.

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