Momentum | My Second Game (Unity)

This is my second game ever made, it is an endless runner with unlockable to purchases and stats to view your progress. It took me about 3-4 months to make, I did it myself following Brackeys tutorial while using sounds from the website This project was to get me back into the swing of programming and working with Unity hope to continue making things in the future. Thanks for Watching!




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23 thoughts on “Momentum | My Second Game (Unity)

  1. You should ads some visual cue to when a cube is living semewhere, like some "air tail", so that the player can react to it, and not have to memorize it

  2. You inspired me. Thank you. I have now completed my first game. Check it out

  3. Brackeys tutorial lol also i am doing that too but a little bit different endless level, destructables, lasers, better graphics etc. also on android

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