Michael Jordan Shocks NBA After Revealing Truth About The Flu Game!

Michael Jordan Shocks NBA After Revealing Truth About The Flu Game! Grover (MJ’s Trainer) said Jordan ordered some late-night pizza from a place in Park City, Utah, just outside Salt Lake City, the evening before the game. When Grover answered the hotel door he saw five delivery people waiting, which he found suspicious

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23 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Shocks NBA After Revealing Truth About The Flu Game!

  1. Dude food poisning is awful had it on a 12 hour shift once at work im 16 by the way and i refused to leave the whole day i was dying lol got that bread though

    Edit: not to mention it feels like thrist man is taking every bit of liquids out of your body and it last for days

  2. Wait, doesn't this just make the story better. That five guys tried to poison him to make him lose the game and he still won even while fighting food poisoning? Just me?

  3. The media the one to blame because they mislead you to think it was flu. Don’t you think he could have retracted that statement and do edits before putting this out ? He came clean and it’s still a problem. Not his fault thou it’s the media who mislead people as always. Atleast now he is making it clear but you up in your feelings. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  4. Why don't you catch food poisoning and then tell me it wasn't just as bad or WORSE than the flu! What a stupid video!

  5. You're an idiot, "This ruined your memory of the flu game"??? You must not know what food poisoning is like. P.S. it feels like you're dying! Also your voice.. umm its not great for videos.

  6. Who cares.. he was crazy sick and dominated, that's the story. No one cares if it was the flu or food poisoning

  7. Lmao Nigga said you think he was passing that pizza 😭😭😭
    Aye food poisoning will fuck You up though

  8. So food poisoning isnt impressive? Y'all find anything to bitch about huh? Food poisoning is actually harder to do activity through so shut up, sit down and go cry to lebron again

  9. Why are you crying about it. Did it ruin your life. Food poisoning is worse than the flu (not to sound insulting due to the corona virus). Fever, vomiting, diarrhea…Its possible they said the flu not to put bad PR on the pizza place or not to create controversy that the food poisoning was intentional. You could look at Jordan and obviously see he was hampered in that game. Even if he was healthy, he still had an amazing game!!!

  10. Damn what a phony, Go ahead and strip him of them 6 titles. Can't believe it was JUST food poisoning smh lebron the goat now

  11. WTF is this clown on? Whats the difference between the flu and food poisoning really? either way he was clearly messed up. This sounds like when the All Blacks played the Springboks in the rugby world cup final in 1995 and "Suzie" poisoned half the AB team. Food poisoning is really bad.

  12. Out of those 5 guys, 1 guy to drive, one guy to open the door for the pizza, one guy to hold the pizza, one guy to hold the elevator door open, and one guy to knock on MJS door.. makes sense to me… out of those 5 guys, years after, none of them squealed a sound.. cmon

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