MatPat Meme Review 👏👏 Let The Cringe Begin!

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I’ve wanted to do a meme review for a while now and the Game Theorists’ subreddit stepped up tp make that happen by starting their own Meme Monday! Join us on the couch as we go through and review the memes you’ve made about us!

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50 thoughts on “MatPat Meme Review 👏👏 Let The Cringe Begin!

  1. Actually mat Bebop and Rocksteady are a pair of 2 random mutants from teenager mutant ninja turtles

  2. I got issues with how they pronounced colour sure it’s not spelt how Americans spell it but colour has the same pronunciation when it’s spelt that way it’s just the Canadian spelling

  3. Hearing Steph talk about how complex memes are makes me feel very smart. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  4. The discussion about Petscop got me thinking about something I'd be afraid of in theorising, that being the question of whether you're on the right track in your theories. One misplaced theme or incorrect assumption could lead to everything following being wrong. Theories about real subjects can be tested to no limit; we can create our experiments to give us outcomes that may or may not match our expectations. This isn't often possible in works of fiction, as the information we base our observations from is limited by what of the world the writer has already established.

    I bring this up because it raises questions, considering the importance of the mysteries and theories present in some franchises. Do the thematical or literal direction of theories have an effect on what is produced by the writers? Say a largely popular theory was incorrect, would a future title be made to include a detail which debunks this theory, or perhaps would the theory itself become the franchise's canon? It would be interesting to know of cases like this, if anyone knows of any examples and would like to share. I don't put effort into understanding fiction myself but it would be nice to somewhat understand the processes and effects of this kind of work.

  5. Um excuse me, I think my dad is cool… awesome in fact. Don’t lose hope, MatPat! And never say never.

  6. Hi MatPat you want a new Game theory, how about a theory, if it is possible to create a new universe or cross another dimension with an computer based on the xenoblade chronicles games (xc1 and xc2). Xenoblade is an Gem of a game and I think it's an interesting topic. It sure will be interesting to see your view on this 🤔. Actually I don't even know if you or someone read this comment. But I would gladly enjoy your video on this if you ever read this comment.

  7. Sad to hear that the ship sailed on the Petscop theories. Even the Petscop fanbase doesn’t seem to care anymore now that it wrapped up.

  8. I'm really sad that undertale had to be discontinued on the channel to be honest.
    I have recently refueled my love for the game, by finally trying to get through the genocide run, and i would really LOVE to see some undertale theories from you, so it really saddens me that the fandom comes after you like that ):

  9. My issue with minecraft is that it not giving enough for each update and a lot of the qwerty and bizarre charm of weird implements per update have been stripped back to nothing. Instead of expanding the world in meaningless ways like Bees and Turtles and Bears that do absolutely nothing. Put all the animals and minor features into an Agrarian Update or a Husbandry update with male equivalents to make the game harder. Fix the villager problem because for as much as there is in that department, minecraft lacks dynamic quality. Villagers dont function without you making it function. Thete are no seasons there are no animal interactions the npc dont really talk with any meaningful memory. There are no wars. Streams dont change. To make villagers more dynamic they need an economic political and social structure. Mostly economic and inter regional trade. Political systems are a great means of creating a path for the player to give down if they wish if they dont want to do that they dont have to and all theyll see is a town has become a kingdom and that kingdom in a week is now abandoned. It doesn't need to be explain it just has to happen. Minecraft is a game if exploration and building and you cnat explore if there is no mystery.. minecraft is rudimentary and that's why it's boring without friends. Multiplayer is everytjing single player can never be but even still the mystery ends eventually. Mystery never ends when life is always changing. On a tertiary level. Minecraft looks like garbage and I like minecraft but the resistance to adding actual shaders that make daylight have an impact and add life to the world you are in, see minecraft dungeons, they refuse to do so because of nostalgia. That is a self defeating mindset.

  10. MatPat, if you need someone to talk FNaF to, just comment and I’ll send you my email. I’m here to talk anytime because none of my friends understand or care 😂🤣😂 I’ll talk about FNaF ANYTIME!! I EVEN GOT MY OWN THEORIES!!! I’m here anytime if you wanna talk about FNAF. Even at basically anytime of day

  11. how come this is only 360p? i'm so spoiled by hq video that anything below 1080p looks like garbage

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