MatPat Meme Review 👏👏 It's Interesting…..

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It’s time for another Meme Review – Wednesday edition! You are all true artists. This has become my favorite day of the week! So let’s get right into the memes!

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25 thoughts on “MatPat Meme Review 👏👏 It's Interesting…..

  1. 20:40 it's just a phone with two sim cards on a wireless connection. Not that concerning all in all. It isn't until you get 3 sim cards that you need to look hard for a phone that can do it.

  2. 12:24 Book theory should be a thing! I mean dont just lump them together with the games like FNAF, Idk about “play theory” though

  3. Why do people call them anything but clippers? It's not a razor it's not buzz clippers. It's just clippers.

  4. The first video I ever watched from MatPat and Steph, was the High School Musical Troy is the villain video. That is the first one I ever saw.

  5. 20:30 they have two sim cards, some phones do have the option of having two which can be on at once, so you could have both your home and work phone number in the same phone.

  6. Just wait till the FNaF movie comes out and Film Theory get’s smacked in the face by all the lore and Game theory is just like: First time?

  7. I'm sorry, I have to mention that my name is Ginny and my name being said in a gt live made me so happy :'D

  8. When the post says that they harmonize saying " That's just a theory, a game theory" it means Syncronize.

  9. Highlights
    25:00 Film theory High school musical
    28:00 Thank
    33:20 – 34:00 Matpat being touched my a meme
    34:00 Love Editor Amy
    44:00 – 45:00 why they do GT live
    45:50 Love that outthro

  10. On the “Into the Pit” and “Fetch” one. I thought the joke was Petch. From the time Matpat and Nate did the chubby bunny challenge? PETCH!

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