Lost Kingdoms Review (GameCube)

From Software made a lot of interesting games back before they made Dark Souls. When most people think of a series that really led to the Souls franchise, they go for King’s Field. Though before then, there was another title that made a clear impact on the direction they’d take in the future. Today we look at what’s usually glossed over in this Lost Kingdoms review.

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30 thoughts on “Lost Kingdoms Review (GameCube)

  1. I loved this game so much as a kid, this really makes me want to go back and play it again. Took me years to beat those two final fights, haha.

    Another thing I still adore about the game is the music, I wish it was more easily available online.

  2. I would looove to see this game remade or remastered. It was an incredible game very adventurous had a great story loved the game play the battle style was amazing the cards monsters and runestone are cool af. Like please reboot.

  3. "The magic stones keep you from brute forcing your way through combat"
    *me looking at my old deck full of blue dragon sword guys" yyyyeeeaaaahhh you can brute force way way thought combat

  4. I feel like In Today’s time this game would do soooo much better. I would love to see this on the switch, it’s the perfect console for it.

  5. YESS I knew I'd find a review for this. Thought about this game last night in the shower. Haven't played in 15 years! But I remember having fun and it's not a type of game I would usually play but I was getting into it! And no one had seemed to have heard of it.

  6. I was watching Matt McMuscles' Flophouse video on Metal Wolf Chaos XD and they mentioned this game. I love From Software and I'd never heard of this one. Got curious and found your video. I wasn't expecting such a well produced review. Props to you! Sub earned.

  7. I remember this game. I personally think the second game is superior though. Sad they haven't made a third one…I should also inform you that you do unlock the ability to go back through stages after beating the final boss so it's possible you can get all the red fairies. There's also a link system with the second game to get cards from the first game to it.

  8. I loved this game when it was new. I had no idea until just a couple of years ago that it was a FromSoft joint.

    Their new relationship with Activision gives me the smallest of hopes that there might be a return to the LK universe. It feels like the sort of world Miyazaki could really flesh out beautifully.

  9. Regarding the ending point, Deracine is kinda experimental for them and really doesn't go in line with their Souls stuff.

  10. 6:07 – picking up magic stones grants xp based on the value of the stones, but only ones you pick up after the last enemy has been defeated. Large crystals grant 5xp, medium sized crystals grant 3xp, small crystals grant 1xp. This xp is distributed to every single one of your cards, no matter how many copies of it you have in your deck. Say you pick up one small crystal, and you only have 15 Flying Rays in your deck. Then each of those Flying Rays gets 1xp, totaling up to 15xp for the card Flying Ray.

  11. I don't really like the levels closing off after you beat them either, but it's a good thing they unlock after you beat the final boss. Actually that's not a good thing as the final boss fights are a freaking nightmare to beat thanks to the first part spamming summons all the time, being impervious to damage while he is, and the second part doing an attack that reduces your HP to 1 if your anywhere near the middle of the stage and haven't killed his minions. Not to mention the final level is a pain as well. Though I'll be honest I do get that same satisfaction of beating a boss in Dark Souls when I beat the final boss of this game.

    Your strategy of going through each level twice is something I'll try the next time I play this game. Oh and there's 4 more bonus levels if you go through the second to last level with all the cards in your deck being of the same element.

  12. This game looks like fun. Kinda curious how it'd play out.
    Card games seem like such an odd fascination, don't they?

  13. I was also one of those people who focused on King's Field. I had no idea about how Lost Kingdoms was just as, probably even more so, the direction the games would go in. Great video!

  14. I reflexively punched my monitor when I heard you say "The Dark Souls of Yugioh" even though I knew it was a joke. Why would you inflict this upon me.

    Also, this and its sequel are some of my favourite games from my childhood.

  15. Really hope you do one on Lost Kingdoms II. I consider it a superior game and most people I've talked to do as well.

  16. Surprised you did not mention the similarities to the other From Soft game Kuon, with it's somewhat similar car battle system, although much simpler than Lost Kingdoms, due to being a horror title. You should really give Kuon a try if you haven't, it's got that inimitable PS2 horror feel you just don't get nowadays.

  17. Yeah I agree with you about Fromsoftware being less experimental nowadays. It seemed like they were more willing to put out more strange games just for the fuck of it. Although it needs to be said that they were also the company that constantly released Armored Core games every year, I think at one point they released three AC games for the PS2 in the same year lol. I think the success of Dark Souls was simultaneously a blessing and curse, I mean what have they made since then? 5 games that play almost exactly the same, 2 mediocre Armored Core games and that VR game? I’m hopeful that Sekiro is a sign of them moving on to different things but from what I’ve seen it feels like a souls spin off instead of something entirely new.

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