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Original Air Date: January 09th, 2009 (Revised Today!)

Lost Kingdoms is a pretty unique title for the GameCube, and was billed as one of the first RPGs available for the system (I would loosely consider this an (J)RPG, but the system was starving for them and it was generally marketed as an exclusive RPG). Playing as the attractive Princess Katia, you leave the comfort of your cushy castle to go on a journey to conduct some pretty serious business. You see, “The Land of Argwyll”, has been threatened for years by a mysterious black fog that destroys everything it comes in contact with. While searching to find a solution to the problem, Katia’s father failed to return home over an extended period of time, so Katia goes to look for him and stop the source of the problem. While naive and clueless regarding what to do, she possesses great courage and a sacred artifact known as the “Runestone”, which allows her to use cards and the powers of mighty beasts. She doesn’t have much help outside of a mysterious old woman named Gurd who trains her to properly use the runestone.

An interesting idea for a card game, Lost Kingdoms plays a bit like an RPG and an action game. You go through different areas in a mission-like fashion and can summon a variety of monsters to come to your aid and do different things. There are three main types of cards: Weapon Types, Summon Types, and Independent Types. Weapon cards are monsters you have control over and can be used repeatedly; they require more precise control than other card types. Summon Cards can usually only be used once and attack in place of Katia; she disappears and is safe from harm until the attack is done. Independent Cards are monsters you place on the field who fight on their own using A.I.; their longevity is determined by how well they fend attacks and how well you assist them. You can also use “Capture Cards” to capture weakened enemies you fight, turning them into cards.

Battles are fought in real-time, though the sequel to this game, Lost Kingdoms II, eliminates battle zones altogether and is more seamless. You can only use so many monsters per mission, so you have to strategize as well and take advantage of every enemy weakness (which can be exploited through a few basic elemental principles) and opportunity to do well. You can shop for new cards and cards can also earn experience (when they get enough, they can transform into new cards). Katia herself does not fight. When she runs out of cards, she’s doomed. The sequel takes more advantage of the numerous possibilities that can stem from its gameplay system.

This video has been revised at higher quality and now covers the end of the first level with various short transitions (a few things were left behind to fit it in fifteen minutes) Enjoy.

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43 thoughts on “Lost Kingdoms Game Sample – GameCube

  1. Oh my god, this. I HATED this game as a kid. Aboslutely and completely destroyed 12 year old me.

  2. This game was classic, never realized when i was a kid that from software made it, no surprise now it was a solid game. Going to track down a copy of this and revisit lost kingdoms

  3. Was one of my fav's on gamecube.Tryed to play it on a emulator but it drops down to 5 frames most of the game, so sad 🙁

  4. How RAD would it be if they made a new version of this where the monsters are from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro? Maybe even some Otogi to boot.

  5. I played this game when I was a kid I bought it a few years ago it's pretty damn good! I had know idea From Software made it

  6. Can't remember for the life of me how this game played but did beat it a few times… what in the hell did I see that kept me going in this game? The repetitive combat music is mind numbing!

  7. Wow just found out about this game. I usually don't look at gameplay before I buy a game to keep a surprise but there's something about this game I should look into. Is it worth it?

  8. I loved this game. I recently played a game on ps2 called Kuon. It's a spiritual successor made by the same team. It also uses summon cards for combat.

  9. I never realized this game was made by from software.. the makers of dark souls.

    just look at the interface. that is funny

  10. LK and LK2 are must have games for the GameCube. Theyre two of my favorite games : 3 The music in these games is way special.

  11. i have the first game, but when i bought it (from a used videogame store) the booklet was for the second game lol

  12. Holy shit I had no idea From Software developed this game! This used to be my favorite game long ago when I had a gamecube. And the souls series is my all time favorite

  13. Ahh, the nostalgia… I loved playing this game, even though I could never defeat the Final Boss back then. Years after I had given up, I tried playing through the game again, and I found out how to beat the final boss the easy way. xD I thoroughly enjoyed both this one, and the sequel. 'tis definitely a gem series of the Gamecube era.

    I still have both of the games to this day, and I'll be damned if I let anyone try to take them away from me. 🙂

  14. I love how Dark Souls has validated fans of their older games.


  15. FromSoft actually had something to do with this game. This was one of my favorite games from the past. I love FromSoft games. 🙂

  16. Played this game when I as younger.
    Had rented it from blockbuster but had to return it. I enjoyed it.
    Didn't know it was made by fromsoft tho.

  17. I remember playing this when i was much younger. At first I didn't like it but later i replayed it and it was a blast.

  18. This game and its sequel are phenomenal. I enjoy them so very dearly. The music is wonderful, the creatures and monsters are beutifully depicted, and the gameplay is great.

  19. I got a copy of lost kingdom 1 with a game cube I got off of ebay. I never realized that it was rare.

  20. i remember picking up this game only for the pictures at the back of the box and didnt disappointed me , it was great

  21. Anyone who has a PS3, the game Folklore has the exact same battle system mechanics as the Lost Kingdoms series. Although the storyline is darker, it is still in the "high fantasy" genre game and some of you may enjoyment out of it.

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