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The Logo Board Game was already a fun party game, but Spin Master has updated the rules and gameplay to make the game even more exciting. In Logo Party, the object is to be the first team to reach the Logo Party space on the board and successfully answer a Reveal It! card to win.

Players take turns drawing Action cards and try to get their team to guess a brand on the card before time runs out. You use the brand on the card that matches the color of the space your playing piece is on. There are three types of Action cards: Do It!, where a player acts out clues about the brand; Draw It!, where a player draws clues about the brand; and Describe It!, where a player gives clues about a brand without saying the brand name. If a team guesses correctly, it moves its playing piece one space forward on the board. (If there is still time left, the team can draw a new card and keep playing.)

If a playing piece lands on a Reveal It! space, one person on that team draws a Reveal It! card, which is inserted in the Logo Timer. As the timer starts, it will slowly reveal an image on the card. Both teams play simultaneously, and the first team to shout out the brand pictured wins the card. That team also gets to move its playing piece one space forward on the board.

Once a team reaches the Logo Party space, the team draws a Reveal It! card and must successfully answer it to win. But there’s a catch. While on the Logo Party space, the other team can answer first and steal the turn. If that happens, the team on the Logo Party space must wait until its next turn to try again.

Logo Party comes with a Logo Timer, a game board, two playing pieces, a drawing pad, 180 Action cards, and 120 Reveal It! cards. No writing utensil is included.

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