How to Use your Mobile Phone as a Samsung TV Remote

Hi, this video shows you how to control your Samsung TV via an Android Mobile Cell Phone and a iOS device (iPod Touch). The app used for the Android Phone is the Samsung Smart View App. The app used for the iOS device is MyTifi.
The phone needs to be connected to the same network as the TV so they need to be connected to the same router. In the video the TV has a wired connection back to the router and the phone/iPod has a Wireless connection.
The apps work well and in some instances like using the TV web browser the apps work better than the original remote control.
If you know of an App that woks really well on Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic etc. then add it to the comments to help other viewers out.
Many thanks Vince


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29 thoughts on “How to Use your Mobile Phone as a Samsung TV Remote

  1. Is there are remote for TVs without WiFi I have an old Samsung from around 2005 lost remote and can’t find an app

  2. There was no point in this i lost my original remote and I slcan’t enter General to access this phone to become a remote.

  3. 3:23 you won't be able to use trackpad which allows you to move cursor around the screen because the evaluation period has ended.

  4. How do you select ok on your TV screen to allow the TV to use the app if you don't have a remote?? This is the same trouble I keep running into

  5. an app that charges you to use it I'd rather go out & buy a new remote also you should do a video to see if you can use a mouse & keyboard on a Samsung smart TV I know you can on a Panasonic TV

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