How To QUAKE Like a GOD!

That’s right everyone.. How To QUAKE Like a GOD! Here you will learn all the ins and outs of our favorite touchless champ. She’ll surprise you with what she can do.. and further, how much content she can get you through!
Learn to Quake and BAKE, Quake and SHAKE, and other techniques.. to knock out content in MCOC (Marvel Contest of Champions)
Definitely God Mode here. Enjoy the tutorial, and if you do.. Please consider supporting the channel and getting more good bits like this!


Strike Matching Tutorial:




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28 thoughts on “How To QUAKE Like a GOD!

  1. Hey dev can u plz make a video of rttl 4.5 ryhino with full immunity using quake with timing sound… I tried so many times but i can dax ryhino's 4th hit ..

  2. I need to learn how to play her better because of all the garbage I've gotten I finally get a good 5* champion

  3. I remember when she first came out and I was insisting on her being capable of having all 0 fights (0 hits taken 0 hits given) and No one in my aliance or my immediate friend group thought so. I wasn't and still am not good enough to pull it off consistently myself but it was refreshing when someone pulled it off for that first time and i got to say i told you so.

  4. Can't wait to start practicing on this. Going to do all heroic content then master then uncollected with just her.
    Hey Dave, I'm interestd in the Doom vs Modok fight. Not just whatever he says in retaliation but the power control aspect as well. Anyone want to shed some light on this for me?

  5. Great video as always, but not sure I’m ever going to get the timing correct. My patience has been whittled down to a nub. It’s a shame because I have her as a 5* and 4* awakened.

  6. I have a ranked 5 quake I’ve been using her regularly. I gotta practice to win without contact. She’s a 5 star 🌟 rank 5

  7. My problem is that often when I try to evade, I parry instead. I don't know why or how to avoid it effectively.

  8. I actually think using dex is easier than parry, my biggest issue is I need to be more careful when I return to the heavy I don't land the input and get comboed. What I like about using dex is that it gives you a larger window of time to avoid the attack than parry and you also take no damage.

  9. I think I’m finally getting this technique down
    Because I was always getting smacked INTO OBLIVION 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Quake was my first 4 star but I still am trying to get a signature stone because she still doesn't have one yet, whoops.

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