How to Organize Kid's Toys, Artwork, Games & More (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

Kids are amazing, but they also tend to leave a mess in their wake. Monica Mangin from the Weekender shares her expert DIY organization tips & tricks for organizing kid’s craft supplies (0:34), artwork (3:45), toys (5:06), video games (6:36), backpacks (7:43) and more.

Products used:
Plastic bins –
Metal pails –
Fridge/freezer drawers –
Lazy susan –
Label maker –
Industrial bookshelf –
9-drawer organizer –
Curtain rod –
Curtain rings –
Wall-mounted mailbox –
Rope baskets –
Wooden baskets –
Woven baskets –
Cube organizer –
Wooden drawer organizer –
Velcro tape –
Command wall hooks –
Backpack hooks –
Wooden crates –
Crate legs –
Leg mounting plates –

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28 thoughts on “How to Organize Kid's Toys, Artwork, Games & More (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

  1. I'm here still thinking is this kid is an artist or what? I'm jealous to all the supply this kid have

  2. Wonderful production quality. Some good tips at the beginning. The 2 bears in a basket thing was a bit of a joke at my expense…. when toys are spilling over the house, you have more than 2 stuffed toys at your house… probably more than 20 as well. p.s. don't put Velcro on any joystick-remote unless you want this faux pas hanging over your head forever.

  3. I'm moving house and I'm desperately trying to chuck as much as I can!
    With the kids toys and stuff I was running out of space to put what they wanted to keep but this has given me loads of ideas!

  4. These were fantastic projects that I can definitely incorporate! Please bring back The Weekender too!! I love Monica!

  5. Damn this is really good. They are actually very very neat. They don't look bad and are sturdy DIYs. Thanks

    Oh before I forget thank you for the great video quality and editing.
    Can you do locker decor ideas please. I see some online but nothing really new or different.

  6. Still waiting for the weekender to come back…. Is it coming back or not?. Good to see you but this is too easy for you… 😎

  7. Did anybody realize that she said arts and crafts creativity hub for the craft supplies 3:37 and the artwork 5:01

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