All creators face at some point or another the dreaded creative block !
The goal of this small video is to help you surmount this obstacle and come up with orginal, interesting GAME IDEAS !

Here is a summary of the various tips covered during the tutorial :

1 – Random idea generation
2 – Different dimension
3 – Remove some key element of an existing game
4 – Draw pictures
5 – Inspire yourself from the real world

Games showed :

1 – Spelunky XBLA (Mossmouth)
2 – INSIDE (Playdead)
3 – Super Meat Boy (Team Meat)
4 – Dark Souls (From Software)
5 – The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth (NICALIS)
6 – Don’t Starve (Klei Entertainment)
7 – Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook Studio)
8 – Doom 2016 (Id Software)
9 – The Enemies Within (Blackthornprod)


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  1. i dont know why i was just angey and stress but when i wrote in youtube search game ideas i become so exited

  2. I had one idea of a 3rd person melee RPG game where you control a female character (important to story's symbolism) and you fight 6 different monsters in search of your missing friend as you help a town.

    But IF you kill the monsters, you progress through the STORY as usual, but absolutely nothing changes or is gainef, no money, no upgrades, no gear, no changes to the town but the minor gratification for a few missions.

    And how you save your friend depends on your choices

  3. I got an idea from the 5th tip… How bout a survival game where the world ends bcoz the earth's gravity shield weakens and the uv rays passes through..

  4. I chose tip #2 and now I'm making a 2D Star Fox game. There is also a 2.5D mode, but that’s optional. It’s a side-scrolling SHMUP equivalent of Star Fox 64. I draw most of the assets in TerminalMontage style with Procreate. Its also going to have multiplayer in the story, where as the original had only a versus mode. The host plays as Fox, and the other players get to pick between Falco, Peppy, and Slippy. Characters not being controlled by someone are replaced with a basic AI. The rest is just translated over from the reference game.

  5. 3 game ideas I've had.

    1, I'm surprised there's been very few games to my limited knowledge that have either hordes of giant insects or more dementedly, miniaturized people so traversing a garden for example is a huge undertaking and insects are massive and dangerous to you as is everything else.

    2. This one would never be made but I find the idea amusing to myself.
    It's an football manager game crossed with alien isolation. the office you work in has a xenomorph in it. You need to work at a desk preparing tactics and stuff for your football team but at any time the xenomorph might come out and start hunting for you meaning you have to find a hiding place. Time to prepare tactics between football matches is time limited so you need to be quick and cunning to have everything ready in time and stay alive.

    3. This idea has been done but it needs to be done more, I'm a big fan of sea exploration games. Subnautuca does it superbly well, gta 5 you could do it a little, but more developers need to take it on.

  6. like me or hate me. Me and my friend are making an Roblox Game, hes scripting and im doing the ideas.Thank you veryy much! 🥺

  7. okay, so i did the 3 words thing and I got: Craft, Thunder, Ring. so maybe you have to survive on an island with endless thunderstorms and find a ring to stop the storm and fight the final boss.

  8. game concept: You play as a torch and have to light your way through a pitch black forest, but every time a level begins and ends, your flame is extinguished, forcing you to play with the environment itself to find fires to light yourself.

  9. I don't have a PC or anything like that. I use a coding app called Tynker on my Ipad and code some "games" using their app.

  10. Thank you so much! The last tip really helped, because right now, in the world, there is the corona virus, so now I can create a game that is like curing the world of a disease (not specifically the covid 19)!

  11. all i do is look at a random object, word, or number and think of it as the game name then it gives me an idea of the game since i picked a random name from a object lol

  12. i like to look at games that i have played recently and try to make a game that is like that.
    spider-man ps4
    No mans sky
    these are three games that i have played recently. i then take these games and mix theme together and chose three things from those games that make the core game.
    2.flashy fighting
    3:cool tricks

    No mans sky world
    2.procedural generation

    1.3rd person shooter

    Then i take 1 thing out of all of these games to come up with:
    1.swinging/grappling hook object.
    3.3rd person shooter
    then add a few extra things like make it open world and make it have flashy fighting from spider man. and there you go you have a survival steath 3rd person game where you can go up buildings or trees to hid froma monster and there is cool fighter it is also a sand box game.
    try that with three of your own favorite games.

  13. i.d.k. why but tip number 1 was so useful the first 3 words got me to a whole game idea with different features.

  14. Especially when you write down random words and choose three of them and make a game out of it

  15. i have a game idea involving game mechanics being released on the internet. Like how too's and Builds. Its more for RPG games right ok so. You cant make like on your own or figure out how to make a op character anymore you cant be the only one someone leaks the information on what the best setup in skills and stuff on these games. wellll…. my idea is called The Secertive/exposure layout. Were the more exposure a setup gets the more NErfs it gets and the more secert you keep ur own setup the more buffs you get. want to reunion someone setup Expose them want to keep ur own setup op. better keep it secert form others. i just thought up this concept and wanted to share it cause it sounds so cool.

  16. So. I don't use unity or any proper game engine. But I do code on lua (Roblox.)
    And this actually helped me alot. I came up with an idea that I usually played with friends 2 – 4 years ago.
    I started working on a project called "Bulldog: The game."
    It's pretty much bulldog but in Roblox. It's very simple too.
    The game runs on a simple code that makes a code function that freezes a player once they touch another player who is "it",
    Once the player is frozen a GUI (Text) Appears on the top saying "PLAYERNAME IS FROZEN! (Countdown from 10"
    The players have to run and save the player while not being touched by "it" otherwise a second countdown appears.
    If the countdown goes down and no one saves the player, the player is now "it"
    The players have to run to the other side avoiding "it" btw. Once they do they get awarded points if their succesful.
    The bulldog gets auto-switched every 5 minutes.
    This video really gives good ideas! Reccomended!

  17. Aight here's an idea:

    Intro cutscene starts, as the player character is driving a space ship.
    Ship gets hit by something, ship falls down and crashlands on a random planet.
    Player wakes up and creates character, and builds a small shelter from spaceship parts. You find a path later on leading to a village, in this evironment with dark blue trees and orange-pink sand. They seem attack and capture you, and you wake up finding a device planted on your chest. An intelligent alien lifeform wakes you up, telling you about great human settlements, who were struck by something, and now life somewhere as beasts.
    They explained the device on your chest is a translator left from this fallen civilization.
    You establish peace with this village, and venture out on your own.
    In the village, the game and everything is explained. The game continues in an ARK:survival evolved like playstyle with many aspects of classic and modern rpgs. You progress through the game, finding more settlements and boss temples, new biomes to explore, and the human settlement's ruins, inhabited by weird humanoid looking things walking on their hands and legs, but standing up because their arms are disproportionally long and act like animals.
    Inside the temple you unlock a device that grants access to the 0-R10-N realm. It's a dimension you can swap in and out of during gameplay, and is almost identical to this world, but the humanoid looking things have a humanoid figure in black and purple glowing in them with tentacle like portrusions in this realm. You go into the settlement and find an object, and return to the first village, here it is examined and the elders tell you it is an artifact that must be destroyed on top of the human settlement. You do this, but this causes the same purple-blacks stuff the humanoid things from the 0-R10-N realm are made of to leak from it into this realm.
    All around the map crystals spawn, which you need to forge into special equipment to restrain the object, however these corrupted crystals infect the local wildlife, as in the 0-R10-N realm, black-purple growths can be seen growing off of them. These creatures are always hostile and come in waves.
    Once you've forged the special equipment, you can attempt the boss fight by attempting to destroy the object on top of the human settlement. This however takes you into the 0-R10-N realm and the final boss is revealed to be a distorted mess of machinery and corrupted black-purple mess. Over the course of the fight, the thing melts into a humanoid form and when killed, dissolves into nothing but a human corpse in a pile of wires. Purified crystals can spawn, effecting creatures around them causing them to evolve much faster than nature intends to, and will lead to some interesting tameable creatures.
    (must I add the corruption thing only visible in the 0-R10-N realm is the physical form not being able to process much faster evolution than from purified crystals, so it starts leaking into the 0-R10-N realm and starting to abandon its physical form.)

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