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✏️ NEW Updated Trove Gunslinger Tutorial / guide for 2019! I’ll explain how to build the gunslinger for U9, U10 and Ultra Shadow Towers, with details about which ally to use, Emblems, Empowered & Lesser Gems and more!
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37 thoughts on “HOW TO "BUILD" GUNSLINGER CLASS for END-GAME in TROVE (2019)

  1. gunslinger be like ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'̵͇̿̿з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  2. I just want to know how to make my damage 100k I had 67k but I accidentally randomize my gem when I was trying to boost the stats on and then it just made my damaged 59k

  3. I've been trying to reroll my Vampirian empowered gem and I've spent 11 rerolls so far on trying to change crit hit to magic damage. I've got Phys damage a few times. Is it possible to switch it over to magic damage?

  4. Late to the party but the valorous vial gives a charge everytime you crit. . . so i think that one could be better.

  5. They added U9 Everdark because you used to need something called shapestar or shapers star. Don't remember the name but you needed them before and opening the U9 box with a shapestar key would give you a bigger amount of shapestars. Just a fun little fact! 😛

  6. Gear:
    Hat: MH/Light/CD/Stability/MS
    Weapon: MD/Light/CD/Jump/MH or AS
    Face :MH/Light/CD/Stability/AS
    Ring: MD/MF

    If used for farming or as your main use AS and MS instead

    Cubic Curtain
    Explosive Epilogue
    Class Gem
    Vampirian Vanquisher (cosmic gem)

    Gem Stats:
    Empowered Gems (MD/CD/CH) (2 Boost MD 1 Boost CD)
    3 Lesser Gems (MD/CD/CH) (2 Boost MD 1 Boost CD)
    Other 3 Lesser Gems (MD/CD/CH) (2 Boost CD 1 Boost MD)
    Cosmic gems (Light/MD/CD) (All boost Light)

    Chronomancer Qubesly

    Arcane Emblem
    Chronomantic Emblem
    or Surestrike

    Not entirely sure if the stats on the gear are correct but its what i got from looking at it.

  7. What does he mean by boost, is it the boost you get on one stat by upgrading the gem or the builder focuses

  8. Ur stats for ur gear are blurry, can u refill stats on a crystal gear? So wouldn’t that be the same as waiting to get a perfect drop

  9. Why didn't trove make a costume for gunslinger from overwatch they could of made a reaper costume

  10. Your videos are great but your talking to us like were crazy gods like u,u gotta explain everything step by step and show us how to do this or how to get and wat we need

  11. 1:38 the reason why there is a u9 everdark is back when you had to upgrade shadows to stellars, you needed a resource, and it dropped like the class gem keys, but you get more of the resource per chest in u9 than in u8.

  12. My rolls In Ever dark at u9 have always been higher then u8 so I always do you not you also did u mean that?

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