How many Puzzles & Board Games to keep?? (Organize & Declutter Toys Series Ep. 13)

How many games and puzzles should we keep?? As we continue decluttering and simplifying toys, this is a common question! I’ll tell you how many puzzles and board games we keep and how our game strategy has evolved!

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24 thoughts on “How many Puzzles & Board Games to keep?? (Organize & Declutter Toys Series Ep. 13)

  1. Cards and flashcards can be stored in plastic travel soap containers or other small plastic containers from the dollar store instead of the boxes they were in originally. This can make them easier to put away for little kids. I use the travel soap containers myself for some of my spanish language flashcards.

  2. Disclaimer : Woman without Kids here but

    What about a once a month gameswap with other parents ? Choose a location have inexpensive snack, people bring one item and get a ticket to then " claim" another during your pick 'n' choose time.
    Anything leftover gets donated immediately to a thriftstore or church.

    Could do the same with say Sports Equipment prior to the Season , Back to School items , or just clothing, winter clothes etc

    Get a list of this interested, find a venue, write out your " rules" to avoid alot of complaints, provide a snack as that gives folks a chance to visit thus making connections and have fun !


  3. Sushi Go, is a great card game, find it on amazon! Fun for kids, interesting enough for adults. Definitely going through are games! Great video! Thank you!

  4. Love this series on toys. Our kids are all adults. My husband and I both grew up in minimalist homes but didn't know it, played a few games over and over again. We played games with our kids and switched them in and out as they grew. We still have game days several times a month, the kids bring their own games and have a great time.

  5. Great idea to have only a few games and especially card games! I took a look at the games we have and there were a lot we never play with (6 year old boy).!! They are now in a donate box 🙂
    I watched a lot of your videos and you inspired me a lot! Thank you. Regards from the Netherlands.

  6. Introduce them to board games slowly increase the levels of difficulty when theyre old theyre gonna surpass your understanding of how to play from puzzles to card games to twighlight imperium

  7. After reading this I immediately took a look at our games. We are one of those families that plays games All. The. Time. But I noticed quite a few from my childhood collecting dust. LOTR trivial pursuit for one 😂 And yes, many fond memories in that, but what's the point of that game? Proving how many random facts we know? That's not necessarily a value I want to instill in our family. Interaction. Sharing. Getting to know one another. Humor. Cooperation. Creativity. Critical thinking. Those are the kind of things I want to champion and channel through our game selection. 👍 thanks for the loving reality check!!

  8. Thank you so much for the details of this video series. I've been working on simplifying kid play things for about a year, but I always get hung up because it doesn't seem as simple as just "toys". They don't have a lot of toys, but with toys+board games+craft stuff+stuffed animals it can get confusing how to simplify.

  9. I had a box of toys to 'give away' so naturally the kids gravitated toward it, pulling toys out to play with again. When I mentioned that they haven't played with them in over a year and asked if they wanted to keep them they said "no, we're just looking" LOL

  10. Sequence states and capitals is another great one as they get a bit older. I don’t keep many games either! Or puzzles and only one gets out of the closet at a time!!

  11. We play a game almost every night. I have way more than we need and have been working on playing them all and getting rid of ones we dont love.

    I would recommend taco cat goat cheese pizza. Small card game, fun and funny!

  12. We had tons of games. Tons. And, tons went unplayed. Every time my son wanted to play a board game he pulled out the same one. Labyrinth (Ravensburger), always Labyrinth. I picked it up second hand. Besides Labrynth it was card games. I can not agree more on card games.

  13. Our game shelf is one place I have trouble paring down. We love games. Most are adults games though. I can't wait for the kiddos to be old enough to play!

  14. I was going to wait until spring to purge puzzles and games (and homeschooling stuff) in our basement but I watched this video and think I’ll have to get it done by the end of the week! Ha!

  15. Dawn, you are amazing. I just binge watched every video you have while I was repainting a couple rooms in our house. You have been a major inspiration during our house upgrades and we have been so careful about what we are putting back in each room. I am loving the results so far!

    This video in particular helped us so much. I sent a link to my husband and made him watch too so we could be on the same page. We decided to get rid of most of the games that we don't enjoy playing with our kids. (We have 10 kids ages 13 down to 3 months.) We are keeping 2 or 3 games that the kids will play with each other without us, like Chutes & Ladders. We also decided to buy a couple other games for Christmas, games we do enjoy playing with the kids, but that we don't already own. Apples to Apples is a great one that we love because we can actually play it with 8-10 people!

    Also, after watching your minimal Christmas video with Darci (I love her too!!), we are going to try to spread Christmas out over the week between Christmas and New Year's and actually take time to play with games, or watch movies together, or go do an activity together. We are excited!

  16. As always, you’ve nailed this! I’ve been struggling with games. We ended up with quite a collection last Christmas and they’re very difficult to store due to the bulky boxes. I think we’re ready for card games now, so thank you for the suggestions x

  17. Perfect video as usual.What about video games.What do you think of game consoles and games on ipad?I have two children ,7 and 11 years old.They are very into video games.Because their friends are all playing all the time and they enjoy them very much.But I beleive that these games are bad for them and gives harm to them.BUt when I try to explain this to them they become very upset and never want to give up those games.What can I do to make my children let them go?

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