Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve Gameplay (Playdemic) : Reach Level 5 in 20 min – ipad gameplay

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Bored of the city ? Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve by Playdemic gives you the opportunity to escape to the country !
Fix an old farm, grow some organic vegetables and fruits, raise pigs, chickens and various animals on your ranch, cook your favorite gourmet recipes in your outdoor kitchen using your own fresh ingredients and you are ready to open your Gourmet Cafe !
Your customers will always be happy, and you will get richer.
Gourmet Ranch Farm, Cook and Serve becomes quickly addictive as you are always busy doing something. You always have new recipes to cook, new vegetables to grow, and new orders coming from your Gourmet Cafe or from your delivery shop.
Too much crops ? Your fridge is full ? After level 5, you also get the possibility to trade some crops and dishes with your friends and online players.
There are also a lot of accessories available to buy to decorate your ranch and make it suit your taste.
The controls of Gourmet Ranch are very intuitive and the mechanics of the game are quickly assimilated after a short play.
Gourmet Ranch Farm, Cook and Serve is a beautiful mix between farming and cooking restaurant games, and playable by everyone.

Arriving in the country, you need to fix the farmhouse with your hammer.
Plant some carrots in all the plots available then fix the barn untill your carrots are ready to harvest.
Harvest the carrots then fix your ourdoor Gourmet Cafe.
The recipe book countains all the recipes you can make.
If you already have all the ingredients to cook one of the dishes, the name will appear in blue color.
At the moment you only have carrots so you can make only a carrot cake.
Drag and drop the icon of the carrot cake directly to the stove in the outdoor kitchen to start cooking it.
It takes a while to cook dishes but you can always accelerate things using your diamonds.
Once it’s cooked, just drag it to the counter and it’s ready to serve ! If there are no counters available, you can always put it in your fridge and serve it later.
Don’t forget to clean the stoves !
More ingredients are available and are unlocked levels after levels.
Make sure you are always growing something as some crops take quite long to grow.
It will be useful to unlock onions, blueberry, pumpkin, pig and chicken as soon as possible for future recipes.
Good luck for the success of your Gourmet Ranch !

This gameplay video of Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve by Playdemic has been recorded on ipad and is showing the gameplay from the level 1 to 5.

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