GET GAME IDEAS – The Ultimate Guide!

The first thing you need whenever you dive into making a video game is a promising game idea! This is how to get one!

Coming up with game ideas is easy, just coming up with a good one is quite tricky.

In this video I tell you how to identify high quality game ideas and I’ll share my 3 step process to generate them. This method has delivered pretty promising results for me so far and I hope it’ll do the same for you!

If you want to get some feedback for your idea, make sure to leave it in the comments or join our discord:

Good look on your journey to becoming a successful game developer.


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23 thoughts on “GET GAME IDEAS – The Ultimate Guide!

  1. Post a cool game idea for a chance to get pinned. 🙂
    Feel free to use any ideas I mentioned in the video for your own projects by the way.

  2. My idea of a good game idea is something with an appealing story, not necessarily in depth but appealing story, that can reach an audience big or small, and something that can be fun, or tense

  3. Ok, here’s my idea for a tower defense game:
    Your inner-demons are trying to make life miserable, but as you shoot them down you get better at dealing with them.

  4. On the idea phase your first two ideas were the same as mine lol
    I came up with tower defense and platformers

  5. 8 – Twilight lol
    Ops forgot, those are the only vampires that ate not allergic to light, they just glow aff…

  6. A 3D top down vector game where you have to move a paper airplane across a checkerboard while shooting others from the front.

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