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While a few GameCube System Menu tricks have been known since the console launched in 2001, one clever NinDB user with a penchant for earworms has uncovered yet another hidden secret — one that that is a little more involved than pushing a couple of buttons.

We show you all three GameCube Menu start-up sounds, what you have to do to get the two special ones, and what happens when you speed up the system menu music from the usual 2 minutes and compress it into about 8 seconds!

See the original “GameCube Main Menu (Sped Up 16x)” clip (SomeOrangeGuy):

More from Phil Bond, and the ACTUAL Totaka’s Song:

Grandpappy’s first appearance:

The Gardener’s first appearnce:

See more at FamicomDojo.TV:

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SeanOrange is a retro game fan from the US. Vinnk is a retro import fan who took things one step further and moved to Japan. Together they make Famicom Dojo: a web series dedicated exploring the Japanese history of video games and consoles from the other side of the Pacific.

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29 thoughts on “GameCube Menu Secrets – Hidden Famicom Easter Egg! | Famicom Dojo

    here's what happens when you speed it up
    about 16 times if that doesn't sound
    familiar it should Oh to talk a song
    know the Golden Sun theme ah ah the the
    sound Lord grown us his computer makes
    in Paper Mario in the thousand-year door
    I've never played Paper Mario neither of
    I sorry the game and watch alarm music
    no serious have even watched this show

  2. You know you could, eeer Idk… put the 4 controllers In front of your leg and press 2, or even 3 z buttons with a hand :u
    [and no, I had no Idea any of those tricks existed >.<]

  3. You forgot the most important one…

    A + B on all controllers than switching the memory slot from A to B
    View it here:

  4. "haunting yet soothing melodies," I've noticed that theme many times in many different Nintendo system menus. (for example Wii menu music)

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