Game Maker RPG Game – Part 4: Hud, Display, Collect and Heart Engine

Hello! This tutorial will teach you how to make Hud for anything you want; Itens to collect and Itens counts in at the screen.

The video content includes:
– HUD engine
– Item Count engine
– Drop system
– Enemy Life
– Hurt Engine

Part 1: Advanced Movement & Collision
Part 2: Attacking with Animations
Part 3: Advanced Enemy AI
Part 4: Collectables , Itens and HUD ( Life, Mana, Coins, Itens)
Part 5: Use Itens
Part 6: Inventory
Part 7: Text Box
Part 8: Shop

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5 thoughts on “Game Maker RPG Game – Part 4: Hud, Display, Collect and Heart Engine

  1. Wow, this channel it's absolutely amazing the codes are amazingly easy and easy to understand, you are better that MUCH of the big GMS programmers, you make it for the people and not for the money, but i have a little feedback for you, try to improve the visuals of your tutorials, because with the style that they have right now people will think that is a untrustworthy tutorial, but anything else is incredibly well done!

  2. I keep getting a crash when my player collides with coins, lifebottles or enemy. There is something in my collission event scripts that must be missing.

    Here is the error Im getting:

    action number 1
    of Step EventobjEnemy
    for object objPlayer:

    Variable <unknown_object>.life(100000, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Object_objPlayer_CollisionEvent_4_1 (line 2) – -=1

    Heres the objEnemy script for my objPlayer:

    if hurt = 0 { -=1
    hurt = 1

    I can also not get my HUDs to work either so that could be connected.

    I can kill him just fine, its just when HE attacks ME.

    I figured its probably the same error on all of the collisions. Anyone???

  3. this is the best tutorial that I've ever seen, simple instructions, easy codes, i must subscribe you in return

  4. My player does not die. It remains at the last heart and the animation plays back and forth between half a heart and full heart

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