Factorio – FINAL FACTORY BASE TOUR – 3000 science/min + 3000 rockets

Drawing on 3000+ hours of experience with Factorio; this series will combine what I have learned into a single long-running Vanilla let’s Play series on YouTube.

From pick axe to first rocket I will focus on efficient builds and comprehensive explanations to teach how to build an effective base from scratch

Once the rockets start launching I will transition to a megabase focused on effectivity and game performance to show how to build a large mega base

I have introduced some rules and challenges to this playthrough for yours and my enjoyment:
– Pure vanilla: This will be my final playthrough of Factorio Vanilla (I think)
– 1 episode for each YouTube Sponsor and Patreon backer (“Captain of Industry” or higher): More backers = more episodes
– Megabase must reach 10 Science per min for each episode played: 200 backers = 200 episodes = 2000 science per minute
– Everything is recorded: I have a tendency to build a lot off camera, but that would be cheating for the challenge
– Normal biter without expansion: I want to have the challenge of the biters, but continually re-clearing the same space gets tedious
– Rich resources: Considering the scale of the base I want to make sure I don’t spend all my time laying tracks to reach remote, rich resources

Specific information for this series at:


Save game for the final version:

Playlist to start from the beginning:

Base Tour and explanation at Episode #100:

Supporter Display (created for this series by Virtollie and Timbo007 of the community)

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22 thoughts on “Factorio – FINAL FACTORY BASE TOUR – 3000 science/min + 3000 rockets

  1. I got this game two days ago and I'm already addicted :p I'm following along with my second screen and this is great, I wouldnt have gone very far by myself !

  2. Went to episode 1 to try to understand how to play this game…. at episode 16 or so I jumped all the way to here…. and I must say I'm impressed!
    now I gotta go back and check how you got to this point

  3. Heya! I remember, that in the first episodes Nilaus posted his blueprint book string. Any advice which episode to check for the latest edit? =)

  4. This is a fantastic base, havent really watched it since you were first expanding out, but i will watch back in my lesiure. Glad to see you did so many episodes!

  5. Wow. Just wow. That's so awesome. I'm going to go back and watch all 300 episodes. And then try to do something like this myself. Congrats, man.

  6. Hey, Nil. I'm trying to get my first rocket launched and your videos have been so helpful–you've trained me to plan ahead and utilize the pause grid, which has led to very neat and organized bases. Thanks, man.

    Those biters will not thwart my plans this time…

  7. I hope this isn't the end of you making vanilla videos, I love them so much and have watched them all, even though I can't play this good

  8. Been here since about 45. This has been such an awesome series, and I'm so sad to see it go. Thanks for all the great tips!

  9. Nilaus you missed the most important stat – free pistols. Thanks for this great series. Looking forward to the next.

  10. Hey Nilaus, congratulations on reaching your goal for this series! I dipped out after or around ep 100 but would check in every now and then and have been a fervent consumer of all your vanilla content for a few years.

    I enjoy that you share your thoughts and concerns when making decisions about design, always seemingly with a mind for keeping the viewer engaged. An example of this being when you expressed not wanting to do 'city blocks again' when you first moved in to the 'new base'. You have a good understanding of what is novel and what has been done before by you or the community and I believe this translates well to ensuring we as the viewer get to see something new.

    Through the self imposed power grid restriction and other choices such as the radar turret creep, you've stretched 0.16 as far as I think anyone could and I wish you the very best for future series and wherever you want to go with YouTube and your community.

    Since I'm making this a long comment anyway, I've seen plenty of youtubers provide insight into their schedule etc and maybe it's just my penchant for atlassian but I've also really enjoyed your approach to making information available on your confluence instance with regard to your work/life balance and current gaming / YouTube projects.

    All the best!

  11. Great series. Was watching it since you started. I like your OCD and attitude to the details.
    Your city blocks inspired me to build mine either. 5k spm vanilla train/belt city blocks, with LordkTor's train controller.

  12. 13:30… no congestion in the train network…. True, but to attain that you have massive buffers at both ends of each train station and on the train.

    But I do like your insane base, so ordered and neat, so Nilaus!… I could never do that.

    20:51…. the expansion blueprint… very very nice.

  13. Okay, I am absolutely stealing that expansion system design. That might be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  14. Very well done. I've been through every episode with you. I looked forward to it everyday and honestly helped me get through some tough times over the past 200+ days. I can't wait until the .17 series. I might even fire up my own Factorio games again.

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