Exploring the SCP Foundation: Dr. Bright

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22 thoughts on “Exploring the SCP Foundation: Dr. Bright

  1. For all the people wondering why I didn't include all of the sillier aspects of Dr. Bright, such as the list of things he can't do, please keep in mind I have no sense of humor.

  2. man, i would love an scp game where you play as dr. bright during a containment breach. like in the game you can swap bodies with other members of the scp foundation if you can find them, but everytime you swap a body your mental health decreases, and it decreases even more when swaping bodies with an scp. perhaps while in the scp body your mental health slowly decreases. in the game maybe you're trying to find the cause of the breach or something. i dont really have a name but i guess a name could be "scp containment breach: brighter days" or something, sounds dumb idk.

  3. The vast majority of dr bright fan art is male despite being both so…
    Where is Dr. Bright with tits?!

  4. What's the necklaces put on a indestructible SCP? And then he refuses to take it off after 30 days he does but puts it on another immortal and then that goes on and on until it's dr. Bright number 5007 stop trying to break out

  5. This was a very detailed video and I thank you for that. But I still don’t understand where his popularity comes from. What makes him a legend among all these extraordinary SCP’s?

  6. So basically he works for them, but is their dog. I don't see how he is a mad lad or a badass or something, seems pretty dark and sad.

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