D'Arrancar Official Trailer

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The long waited anime card game is here! combines the popular art styles of Japan and Korea comic characters to create a new standard for character and environment design.

【Relive the classic! Check out the brand new 6 grid battle system】
The 6 grid battle system is here! No matter if you are sitting, lying down or walking while playing, the game is fun and easy to control! With high quality artistic designs and flashy cool animation and special effects, it definitely enhances the gaming experience!

【Amazing experience! Create your most powerful team ever】
There is no fight as good as the ones on the battlefield! Why fight one on one where you can fight with a whole team?! You got buddies to fight with you? Me too! Mine would be even better! These fights would definitely make your day a lot more fun!

【Witness the fame and glory of the vastly intricate battlefield】
Fight on! Don’t hold back! Once you stop you will never go back! Summon your Zanpakuto sword and vanquish all your foes! Bring out your inner Shinigami strength and conquer the battlefield! The world is yours to take! Sign up now and join in the fun!

Nguồn: https://popadrados.com/

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49 thoughts on “D'Arrancar Official Trailer

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  2. The only reason I watched this was so I could hear the trailer music since I couldn't find it anywhere else

  3. サムネとタイトルだけで見ると「あなたの好きなキャラを選べ」とか言っときながら一角しかいないからなんかワロタ

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