Coding Adventure: Game Idea Generator

I created a little generator for coming up with (mostly terrible, but occasionally interesting) game ideas. I then tried making a little game based on a generated prompt about ghosts and beekeeping.

You can try the idea generator online here:

Project source:
The Unity project is available to patrons of the channel, so if you’d like to get access (or simply support me in creating more videos), you can become a patron here:

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“Darkling”, “Twisting”, “Inspired”, and “Beauty Flow” by Kevin MacLeod (
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33 thoughts on “Coding Adventure: Game Idea Generator

  1. Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this little experiment! If you want to try out the idea generator, it's up here:
    And if you'd like to support the creation of more content like this (and get early access to new videos and project files), I'd greatly appreciate your support on patreon:

  2. "a mashup of bullet hell and artillery game genres, where you play as a gang of naive vampires who need to learn photography"
    that sounds amazing…

  3. So basically because you couldn't come up with ideas, you came up with an idea to come up with ideas, containing a process of coming up with ideas, which would make your idea create other ideas.

    Seems fair enough

  4. A dating game that takes place in a graveyard, where you play as a league of worried artificial intelligences from an alternate reality who want to rescue an organization of farmers with a debilitating fear of people.

  5. "A third-person game about corruption, where you play as a faction of talkative politicians inside a dumpster." sounds like watching political debates…

  6. I just tried it, and got
    "A mashup of the shooter and role-playing game genres designed with speedrunning in mind."
    Imagine Destiny with speedrunning in mind, that would make a fortune.

  7. Please please please keep going on this I'd absolutely love to play this. Personally I don't own a pc but my friend does and he lets me download all sorts of wacky games I'm sure he'd love this

  8. An intense game about power set on the back of a wealthy turtle, where you play as an artificial intelligence who can turn invisible and will stop at nothing to pay the rent on time.

  9. Reminds me of viva piñata, I used to love that game and tried to go back to it but isn’t quite what I remembered, would love to see more of this

  10. You probably wont see this but i NEED to play this game and i think you could take this really far! I would really like to see more work on this game and i hope you can keep doing what your doing! 🙂

  11. A third-person game that takes place during a birthday party, where you play as a gigantic electrician who wants to save the world from a good-looking hacker.

  12. You can generate infinite random trees, and landscapes that match roads, but you think that keeping a button's text from being selected on the web is hard. Want to trade braincells?

  13. "A peaceful kart racing game about chaos, where you play as an organization of monsters during a time of peace."
    Hmm yes this is the epitome of peace

  14. "A short-and-sweet sci-fi shooter game that takes place on the back of a talkative turtle, where you play as a sailor who loathes robots trying to start a new life on mars."

    Hmm… where have I heard this before?

  15. A third-person card game where you play as an assassin with no soul who will stop at nothing to save the world from an evil action figure. It's going to be hard for a kid to create It

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