COCOPUFF HOP! – Jurassic Park Builder GLACIER || Ep26 HD

Thats right, it’s the return of a fan favourite alright. Who doesn’t want to keep hoping!


Jurassic Park Builder has released a new update so now we can all battle our prehistoric creatures all over the internet with one another in a tournament. Now I take on the tournament and see just how far my dinosaurs can take us.

Dino Weakness:

Amebelodon : Bite
Amphicyon : Swipe
Andrewsarchus : Swipe
Arsinoitherium : Charge
Chalicotherium : Bite
Coryphodon : Charge
Daeodon : Swipe
Deinosuchus : Charge
Diprotodon : Bite
Dodo : Charge
Doedicurus : Charge
Elasmotherium : Charge
Entelodon : Swipe
Eremotherium : Bite
Gastornis : Swipe
Gigantopithecus : Bite
Hyaenodon : ?
Indricotherium : Bite
Kelenken : Charge
Macrauchenia : Bite
Marsupial Lion : Swipe
Mastodon : Bite
Megalania : Charge
Megaloceros : Swipe
Megistotherium : Swipe
Peltephilus : Charge
Phorusrhacos : Swipe
Platybelondon : Bite
Procoptodon : Swipe
Sarkastodon : Bite
Smilodon : Swipe
Synthetoceras : Charge
Thylacosmilus : Swipe
Titanoboa : Bite
Uintatherium : Charge
Wooly Mammoth : Bite


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31 thoughts on “COCOPUFF HOP! – Jurassic Park Builder GLACIER || Ep26 HD

  1. Thomas I liked this video but i want to see some more megalania action after all he is my favorite glacier creature!

  2. i spent 80 bucks trying to get koolasuchus and i didnt get it and i went to glacier looked at my free expidition and there was the procoptodon.

  3. #JustKeepHoppinJustKeepHoppinGoWithTheCocopuffHop
    Beaver shirts would be amazing
    Idea would be to put up cocopuff with the song and a cocopuff head going over the song lol

  4. Meiolania wasn't related to Ankylosaurs anyway because it is a turtle, not a archosaur, which dinosaurs, crocodiles and pterosaurs are a part of.

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