Classic Game Room HD – CHOPLIFTER! for Atari 7800 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews CHOPLIFTER! for Atari 7800 ProSystem! This side scrolling shmup style game mixed with a rescue mission has intentionally difficult shooting controls to challenge the gamer to dodge or fire at enemy aircraft and hot air balloons while saving hostages and transporting them back to a post office to be parcel posted home. Remember kids, when you rescue hostages from evil villains you have to use regular mail or Priority Mail, not media mail! Humans do not count as media. Choplifter was designed by Dan Gorlin and originally published by Broderbund. This version on Atari 7800 is not one of the better versions of this fun old school retro video game but still entertaining to revisit (it’s my game from back in the day!). This CGRHD review of Choplifter has gameplay from the video game Choplifter on Atari 7800 from 1987 showing the helicopter shooting bad guys, landing on rescued hostages and saving them too! Too bad it doesn’t have more than one level! The maximum score is 64. If you want a real score then get another version of Choplifter (like the Sega Master System version). Choplifter! should not be confused with Chopper Command from Activision, they are 2 different games.


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32 thoughts on “Classic Game Room HD – CHOPLIFTER! for Atari 7800 review

  1. Wow, 7 years ago… I remember this in my subscription box specifically because i really wanted this game and then he posted a review.

  2. Loved this game as a kid.  Without ever playing an NES or SMS at that point I didn't recognize the flaws and just had fun and enjoyed the sound of the chopper.  It was a big step up from playing River Raid.

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  4. The "squid attached to a hot air balloon" was referred to as an "Air Mine" in the manual I can remember…hahaha

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  6. Freeze at 0:33! ATARI's logos to make barriers between the two battlefields! That's what I call FANTASY!

  7. Just downloaded this game from the PSN etwork for my girlfriend. Same aspect side-scrolling with HD graphics.
    Please review the RED DAWN remake coming out this fall, please.

  8. After the SMS version, I like this version better than the Nes version, the music in the Nes Version is annoying.

  9. I have well over 8 gaming system and I about to buy another one including this.. Retro gaming is here to stay folks!!!

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